Black Outfit, Big Shoes

I said in my last style post to keep an eye out for the Zara Peach Platforms that I was raving about (link here), and true to my word here they are! I’ve also had quite a few questions about my zipped grey Zara wedges so thought I’d throw those in too and do a bit of a ‘how I style big shoes’ kind of post. Not the most eloquent way of putting it but you get the jist!

If you asked me what my favourite colour to wear in the entire world was, there is a rather high chance that I would say black. There is something about an all black ensemble that just screams class, elegance with a mix of ‘I just threw this together’ chic. I even dare to wear all black outfits in extremely hot weather conditions. Madness I know. Still being a bit of a style scaredy cat this is how I like to dress when rocking a statement heel. Aside from bringing the focus to the footwear it never looks too overdone and hey, you can at least be sure that it’s all going to match! In the outfit above the two pairs of heels are from Zara (yes I am still devouring that store at the moment), the jeans are from Zara (these are fast overtaking my Topshop Leighs as my favourite skinnies), the bag is from Zara (sensing another pattern here) and the jacket is from Miss Selfridge (hurrah, finally something different eh)! You’d be hoping for something a little more Summery outfit wise considering it’s mid-May but as you can probably tell I was frezzing my bojangles off even in this covering outfit! Perhaps for my next style post the weather will sort itself out so I can bare a bit of arm maybe!

So there you have it – 2 OOTD’s with a few (very uneducated) styling tips thrown in – what do you think? What do you like to pair starement heels with? Are you a bit wilder than me!


  • I love both of these shoes and how you’ve styled them. I agree with you on the all black outfits being classic. I don’t know what it is about them maybe a bit of a mystery feel to them? I’m going to try all black outfits I usually look like an explosion of colour in my outfits hehe

  • Margarita 

    OMFG! I LOVE THE FIRST SHOES T^T honestly, does it hurt? I’ve tried zara but i felt like its gonna ruin my feet. Tell me about the quality 🙂

    Im sorry and don’t get offended. I don’t like the second shoes, looks normal and it doesnt create a good style. I feel the first one fits you best 🙂

  • Louise Parker

    I have so much black in my wardrobe it’s a nightmare trying to find something as it all looks the same! Both shoes are lovely, you have really great taste 🙂 LV x

  • Anonymous

    awws, both your shoes look really nice and i especially like the second pair 🙂 I am loving Zara as well, they have so much nice stuff and i am lusting after one of their bags~ Hope i don’t spend too much next shopping trip 😛
    Thanks for sharing~x

  • Steph0188

    The peach platforms are stunning! 
    Lovely photos!! xxx

  • Georgia

    I really don’t know, you look gorge in both of them (:

  • Anonymous

    I love this! I think you should wear those skinnies with your crazy Hawaiian print top and the peach platforms for a fun summer look. =) You have gotten me so obsessed with Zara’s shoes!

  • Kat Kennedy

    Adore both pairs :). I agree, elegance is black will love forever, though for those that just don’t suit black, please please PLEASE choose another neutral!

  • Faceofthunder

    Ooh is that Brighton? I’m jealous except for how terrifyingly freezing it looks 😉
    I do love a bit of all black too.
    And excessive heels I can’t walk in. Ha.

    Livvy ( x

  • Hayley Davies

    love these but being 5″11 i’m deffo too tall…. wish my legs were shorter! haha, jealous x

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    All black ensembles are fab, especially for work ! And I like big shoes with little black dresses ! xx

  • Florence

    Love these outfits, you can never go wrong with all black haha! The peach platforms are a dream! x 

  • Treeeesa

    So chic! I love the big and big shoe combination :)

  • Treeeesa

    I mean big *bag* and big shoe… Ooops!

  • I always tend to gravitate towards all black outfits too, so elegant and classic (: having said that, I do love those peach platform heels! I’m yet to save and splurge on some Zara shoes, but I’m sure I’ll end up doing just that over the summer!

  • Kellinas Thoughts

    luv those shoes!!

    totally agree on how you style them!! 

  • I love those grey wedges 🙂 You styled them so well and you’re totally right, black definitely screams chic without having to try too hard.  Cute!

  • Beth Bradley

    I really like the coral shoes, they mix up your outfit!

    Beth @

  • Anonymous

    Love the wedges! xo

  • Jodie Moores

    both of them shoes are absolutely amazing!! 

  • Nicola

    Black is so your colour and the shoes are a great pop of colour 

  • Bianka Bodonyi

    I love black so much! But lately, im obsessed with neon stuff! Oh and dont even get me started on Zara…i think the sales people actually recognize me! Oops…

  • Justynaszymankiewicz

    i prefer first one, those shoes gives just a little bit colours to this outfit

  • Beth

    i love wearing black too! love your shoes xxx

  • I’m the same – a little bit frightened of wearing anything other than black with some statement heels. But I think you look absolutely lovely in the all-black ensemble with the shoes and very chic. Love it!

  • Anonymous
  • Jpoppy

    I sometimes wear all black outfits but i do have to inject colour somewhere into it even if its just by painting my nails a bright colour. I love how the peach shoes look with all black! xo

  • amazing shoes!! they make such a statement 🙂 x

  • Robynjosie

    Do you live in Brighton? because this looks like Brighton beach!

  • Paula

    How have I never seen you in Brighton?!