Best Beauty Reads

I love nothing more than tucking into a good beauty read – be it blog, book or a hunk of a magazine; on the tube, snuggled in bed, chilling in the bath, it happens. But I’ve never done a video on my favourites, that is until now. I’ve cumulated everything – my best from the blogging world (gawd that was hard to cut down), magazines that have more than their fair share of beauty foder and a book which I’ve read on repeat from cover to cover, all thrown into one jam packed video.

Select to watch on Youtube for all the links to the blogs I mention and other stuffs and check out my Blogroll if you’re feeling in a particularly hungry beauty mood – enjoy stuffing your face with these makeup delights! 


  • Great choices- I really like The Top Shelf for skincare picks!

  • Jennifer Louise

    I love The Beauty Department for creative make up ideas!

  • emily porter

    I looooove Allure! I like Pure Beauty, Pure Prestige and Esprit.Sometimes they’re a bit off but they’re good for new releases etc. I think they might be industry magazines but if you can get your hands on them I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

  • Diane11792

    Allure for the win. Such a fab beauty read every month. Thanks Anna for turning me into an addict. It’s all your fault. 😉

  • sarirah

    I recently subscribed to Allure magazine and read it from cover to cover: that’s a first for me with regards to a mag. 🙂

  • Loved this, you should definately make it a new feature to share the love with new bloggers/youtubers your loving! 🙂 xo

  • Lola

    Love Stylist! Such a good freebie x

  • Lucie Herridge

    wow your hair looks amazing Anna! x

  • Clé

    Anna, you look so radiant with this pink make up! Like you’ve slept 12 hours! have you??

  • MadelineVeenstra

    This post is amazing! I run a company that releases monthly micro collections + we also include beauty surprises with our parcels. This has really helped me to find beauty brands to partner with- thank you 🙂 M