Beauty Bucket List

Instead of presenting you with a New Years resolutions list filled with all the usual suspects – consume healthier produce, exercise more, swear less, drink more water etc etc – I thought I’d let you in on a little list that I’ve been compiling over the last few months. I call it the ‘Beauty Bucket List‘. Eight items that I feel compelled to complete before it’s too late; nothing too deep, just beauty related tasks that I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t got round to. Yet.

  1. Dye Job. Do blondes have more fun? This is a theory that I’ve always wanted to test. Yes I’m well aware that I would look ridiculous as a blonde, but there’s a fire in my belly that I just can’t seem to put out. Plus, hair grows and all that.
  2. The Rainbow Wall. It’s a reoccurring dream I have. VDM has its own office and one of the walls in the loft-style white space (pah – a girl can dream, right?), is kitted out with a nail polish installation. Bottles lined up in a rainbow colour pattern from floor to ceiling. I may have to park that idea till next year.
  3. Faux Lash Master. 2014 will be the year that I finally become a false lash master. Oh and French braids while I’m at it. 
  4. Spa Times. My best girlfriends and I have been saying for the past 10 years how we’re planning a weekend spa retreat and it’s yet to happen. I did the whole day spa thing for the first time last year and it was positively dreamy. Next time I’m making a weekend out of it; food, friends, firm massage and all.
  5. Snip, Snip. Despite a pretty recent-ish haircut, already I’m getting itchy to get it cut again. Just a little bit more. It’s fair to say I have been well and truly bitten by the short hair bug. It’s easier to tame, quicker to wash and I can get volume in it like never before. Bets on that this year I will rock the shortest doo since my pre-teen years.
  6. Shellac me up. I have been converted to gel polish. Sure the original formula of nail lacquer is great, but the high-shine, high-longevitiy finish of stuff like the Red Carpet Manicure is just fabulous. Having given the at-home version a go, I’m tempted to see if the grass is greener with the in-salon treatment.
  7. Eyeshadow Gal. When I grow up I would like to be a daily eyeshadow wearer. I’ve already put in the groundwork last year and tend to swipe a little something over my lids most days, but one day I aim to dust on a defining combination everyday.
  8. Thread ’em. I have still to this day never had my brows threaded. I came close a few weeks back when I stumbled across a Blink counter but was turned away as their diary was booked out for the day. I’ve heard once you thread that’s it; plucking becomes a thing of the past. Now there’s a sentiment I can get behind.

Nothing too life-defining there, but just a few tasks that should keep me busy over the next year or so (though we could be waiting a while for me to grow the balls for a full-on hair colour overhaul). So over to you – what would your Beauty Bucket List shape up like?


  • Liz

    You’re totes a grown-up already! I do not think blonde would be ridiculous on you. You’d be such a BOMBSHELL! I’d love to go blonde. People tell me they just can’t see me as a blonde, but you never know until you try, and you can always dye it back. Just an excuse to try out deep conditioners and review them if it doesn’t work out!

    Emeralds and Stripes

  • Joana

    You’d rock short hair, no doubt.

    I’m hesitant to try out lash extensions, but I’d include it in my Beauty Bucket List!

  • Think you’d look great with shorter blonde hair, so excited to see what it looks like! X

    Heels Forever

  • Lynn

    Hi anna great list Platium blonde may not be for u but i can totally see u with honey hued hair xx

  • Hannah

    Yeah, I agree with everyone else, you never know what you’ll look like if you don’t try. I think there’s a shade out there for you. Plus, have you seen Emily from ITG, she went blonde and she looks great!


  • Francisca Ferreira

    Lovely post

  • Elena

    I’d love to see with shorter blonder tresses! I’d love to go lighter myself, but the prospect of spending all that money at the hairdressers scares me more that the drastic hair change itself!! 🙂 xx

    kooky capricious

  • Megan Lillie

    I really want to try threading my brows too, but I’m scared for anyone else to touch them!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  • Maddy Cane

    Love your ideas, I also want to go in for the chop again! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • This is such a good idea! I need to really sit down and think about what I want to achieve in the beauty world this year. P.s in-salon shellac is AMAZING. x

  • Puri

    I just made my resolutions list, but now I’m inspired to make a beauty bucket list too! Again, you have inspired me :3. I’m SUPER excited to see your nail polish wall dream come true :3

  • Sarah Jayne

    I am super keen for a chop too but too nervous to go through with it!! You have just reminded me that I need to also sort out my eyebrows :p

  • Supria

    Anna you have to give threading a go. You will walk out with the most defined eyebrows ever!

  • I am with you on the dye job. I just want to be a blonde once. However, for the past 3 years I have attempted to grow my hair out, but always end up chopping it off to a bob. So with that being said my goal is finally to grow my hair out.

  • Marlenne

    I also want to try the Shellac thing, or the OPI Gelcolor!

  • wldflwr78

    I’m headed in today for a little color and cut. Being a mommy and not having a lot of extra money, ive had to go darker but I am doing a natural look. So rockin that VS messy sort of natural look is my new thing. Highlights are a lot of upkeep,so balayage it is!

  • wldflwr78

    Ohh…and I too am working on the defining the eyes with eye shadow look. I have small (sort of hooded) eyes with blonde lashes so ive always felt incompetent in the working with eye shadows. But I’m finding my way…I’d love if you could get your friends (Sophie Harper etc)to demonstrate how they use shadows without looking over done! I want to be defi ed,but never over done..I’m not ever on camera so I need a wearable daytime look.

  • I need to work on more hairstyles other than straight & one type of curl with a curling wand. I’ve been every natural hair color and purple, but I just can’t master the art of hair.

  • I wish I was a daily eyeshadow wearer! I rarely seem to have the time though, and I find that eyeshadow isn’t as vital to me as eyeliner/mascara/eyebrows.

    Stephanie | Love, August

  • I’d also love to try shelliac nails this year the idea that you can go 2 weeks without your nail varnish chipping with a super glossy finish is super appealing, I honestly could not imagine you with blonde hair Anna be interesting to see what you look like with it though I’m sure you will pick a shade to suit you 🙂 xx


  • sarah beth

    You as a blonde would probably be similar to ITG’s Emily. It worked for her… just saying (go for it) xxx


  • Annie Lindsay

    False lashes are probably my most daunting beauty to-do. It’s always such a disaster! I like your plan though. This is the year!

  • mageeski

    Great list! I have one of my own, that I’ll be posting later today! We don’t have any duplicates, which is funny:)


  • Nicole Jade Faulks

    I think with the blonde, maybe go like a sexy caramel colour! That would suit you I think, with your amazing eyebrows it would almost be like there was another Cara Delevingne 😉

    Nicole xx

  • danniella josephine

    I can’t imagine you blonde.. But you should totally go for it!

    Danniella x |

  • Me

    maybe you should put reading a few books on the list? 😉

  • Claire

    Anna, I’ve recently become an avid reader and watcher of your blog and YouTube channel. Yesterday I started up my umpteenth blog and funnily enough wrote an entry about CND Shellac today – I’m a fully qualified nail technician that uses solely CND products. There is a website link on the post that will allow you to find a certified salon in your area, what should be used etc. I hope this helps! It really is a fantastic product when applied correctly.

    I loved this post. I myself have a lot of polishes because of my job so would love to see your rainbow wall come true! looking forward to reading more posts.

    Claire x

  • I too am on a mission to conquer faux lashes this year…and hey, maybe a french braid on myself while I’m at it too! Definitely two things I’m not so talented at ;p


  • Brittany Seel

    The rainbow wall sounds amazing! You could definitely make a start on that this year 🙂
    Bea x

  • Basia

    Please do not dye your hair blonde! Buy a wig, but don’t dye it!

  • Threading is amazing, once or twice a month and thats pretty much it – plucking away any odd strays is easy peasy.

  • PeonyandPeach

    Your nail varnish rainbow wall idea is simply genius!

  • I really enjoyed this post.
    I’m so tempted to get my hair cut shorter, too but I think I’d miss my locks too much 🙁

    Careful with the Shellac, though, too much will weaken your nails! Happened to me, my mum and my friend this year

    Emily x –

  • Betti Boot

    I like this concept, fun, easy reading. Thanks for sharing. P.S. that Charlotte Tilbury quad looks gorgeous.:)

  • Jennifer

    Can tell by the short hair and blonde resolutions you def read intothegloss! 🙂 Lurvvveee that blog!

  • Really enjoyed this post – think I might take some inspiration and write my own beauty bucket list – though I’ll keep it safely tucked away in my diary so my boyfriend doesn’t find it and demand to know if I’ve finally gone entirely mad ;)!

  • definitely try threading your eyebrows! it’s the best thing i’ve ever done and i always get so many complements on my eyebrows now!

  • Laura Scott

    Shellac is great but it makes your nail SO weak so be wary about that point. Other than that is lasts for ages and is super shiny. I just tend to stick to shellac for my toe nails, I hate painting them so the less often I have to the better!

  • Emily

    You should try Julep Freedom. It gives me the gel look and longevity without the damage to your nails. Love your blog 🙂

  • I love getting my eyebrows thread. It hurts way less that plugging and the result is flawless every time! As far as the rainbow wall goes, I built my very own one, I have a video tutorial right this way if you’re curious:

    It is really easy and affordable and I am still madly in love with it!

    Style playground

  • Maggie Cooper

    I do not recommend threading. I’m a waxing girl and threading almost made me cry it was so painful. I’d recommend maybe doing it once because it does give you a fantastic shape and that’s all I have to thank it for. Otherwise, it hurts SO BAD.

  • Lucy

    OOOO id love to get my eyebrows threaded, but I am a bit protective over people touching them as I like the shape. Maybe one of my resolutions is get over the fear of people touching my eyebrows. I’m a nail technician and fully trained with CND power polish. It will not make your nails weak if applied and removed correctly. Its how you look after them that matters. I totally agree with you, varnish is out, gel is in ! I call it a high maintenance look for the low maintenance girl.