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When it comes to blusher I don’t sit on the fence. I’m either in full blown love with the stuff desperately memorising the name of the entire NARS Blush collection and happily dabbing it on each morning or it’s a product I shun completely for a duo slick of bronzer and highlight. Sometimes I just find my complexion so naturally ruddy that I don’t wish to add to my flushed-up face, but when my skin’s cooperating and looking a little bit calmer I’m happy for my apples to get a dusting of colour. And seeing as it’s a step that I flit in and out of whenever I do go back to blush I mark my makeup as just looking a little more ‘done’. So I thought I’d drop in to announce that the blusher switch is turned firmly to ‘ON’ at the moment, so here’s what has made it onto my chops in recent weeks…

Let’s begin proceedings with the black sheep blush of the four. A pink shade that doesn’t fit my usual ‘pinky peach’ brief? Madness, I know. But Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge in Pretty Powerful* buffs into a rosey glow with just a smudge of a finger. Easy peasy stuff and the creamy formula looks gawjus on the lips too. I sense the beginning of a Pot Rouge passion. Burberry bring it in every beauty category, but I do have a bit of a thing with their blushers. Their Light Glow Tangerine Blush in No.06 blends peach and brown so perfectly together I can forgo all other cheek treats and just swipe on this for a double hit of colour and definition in one.

Another member of the peachy cheek family is Bourjois’ Cream Blush in Nude Velvet 01* which I’m becoming rather fond of. One round of blending imparts a barely there hint of colour, but built up you can eek out quite a punch of peach – there’s something a little ‘Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera‘ about it. Now who doesn’t love a bit of Benefit’s Coralista? Whenever I riffle through a friend’s makeup bag whether they are a beauty boffin or not, nine times out of ten I spot this. Subtle enough for the must blusherphobe user, a wash of coral flecked with gold looks good on just about everyone.

An almost 400 word account of my current cheek rotation? Yep I’m definitely back into blusher. 

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  • I need to get Coralista this summer, no more excuses haha 🙂 x

  • Olivia S

    You can’t go wrong with coralista, I love the look of the Bobbi Brown too! Xx

    Olivia –

  • Dannielle S

    I love Coralista, but after I ran out I switched to Benefit’s Dandelion for a while…. Both are gorgeous 🙂 xx

  • Janna Bartlett

    I’m intrigued by Bourjois’ latest offering but slightly worried that my acne prone skin might react due to the fragrence? Any idea on that one?

    Also… the & other Stories range of blushes is mesmerising! Check them out if you havn’t already 😉 xxx

  • Allie Rahbek-Butler

    Maaannn i’m sooo excited about the Bourjois Cream Blusher release!
    Allie from

  • I’m quite the opposite of you now! I’ve been leaning more on bronzers nowadays! 🙂


  • I expected you to include Tarte Tipsy in this list! And by the way, I think you would like Blissful even more than Tipsy 🙂 Love blushers, love this post, love you! xx


  • I still want Coralista!

  • I’ve been trying to talk myself out of the Gerbera Convertible Colour for a while now with student loan and overdraft limits and all, but now you’ve mentioned the Bourjois ones I might have to take a peek!

    Love your blog, Anna!

  • Danielle

    I’m addicted to blush! Even on days when I wear minimal makeup, I always have something on my cheeks.
    – Danielle

  • beautyandtheb

    I really want to try the convertible colour from Stila and the new bourjous cream blush’s look gorgeous!

    B xx

  • Chelseanl

    you should try the sleek blushes and the elf ones… both amazing

  • beth.willcox

    What brush is that white one at the back of the picture? xx I am looking for the perfect blush brush at the moment 🙂

  • ellena hill

    I managed to get the bourjouis cream blush yesterday in my superdrug so some may have launched them already. I have come to the conclusion powder blushes are for me, as an oily skin girl adding my powder just looses all the loveliness from them lol x

  • Louisa

    I’m really fair-skinned so blusher is a must for me! I love the Bobbi Brown ones too 🙂

    Louisa’s Notebook

  • Pippa Jones

    Love the Bourjois creamy blush, Looks lovely, Picked up one today! 🙂

    Pipp xx

  • Hannah Carberry

    I’m addicted to blush, I love all of these especially the Bourjois blush, it looks gorgeous! xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter and Sparkle

  • Maddy Cane

    I really want to try the Stila Blushes they look so beautiful and come in such cute little pots! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Leah McEvoy

    I really want to try the Benefit blusher, they look amazing!

  • Wonderlust

    These are some of my all time FAVORITES! 🙂 I have a post linked below of one of my new fave blushes, check it out if you have a second! Thanks!!

  • Milly

    A great dupe for Benefit Coralista is MUA’s blusher in shade 5 for anyone who wants a similar colour. I do love Coralista though, just not the price!

  • oh thank god im not the only one, i love rifling through friends make-up/skincare just to see how into it they are!!

    have been debating for so many months about what benefit blush i need (probs every single one) but i think the first should be coralista!

  • Harris Cabrera

    Ooo, I have been eyeing that pot rouge for a while, I will have to get my grubby mitts on it, and goodness knows, I’m always just a day away from falling into full Burberry obsession.

  • Jess and Erin

    You should definitely check out the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral if you’re a fan of the Formula

    Jess x

  • Nicki’s Nick-Nackery

    I just purchased the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink and it’s such a gorgeous colour, I love that it can be worn on the cheeks and the lips to tie in a whole look. Trying to track down the Pretty Powerful limited edition one but it seems to be sold out everywhere!

    Nicki xxx

  • Danessa Martinez

    I love my Bobbi brown pot rouge in calypso coral, u def need to try it! I was wondering what is the brush in the picture?

  • Laura Evelyne

    I am not much of a blush person either but I’m going through sort of a blush phase right now as well. I had been wanting to try the Tarte blushes since you’ve raved about Tipsy so much but now I’ll have to add to my list too! The Bourgois looks gorgeous!
    Laura Evelyne

  • Love all of those.. colour wise.. Can’t say I’ve tried them, but I’m definitely a brush girl, I never really use bronzer, possibley as it scares me with being so pale!

    Lizzums x