Arch Those Brows

I’ve made no secret of the battle I’ve had with my brows. Naturally I look like a descendant of Wolverine with a mono-brow and a bushier than most lady-stache to show for it (but let’s save the latter for another time). In my early years I chopped them off. Yep, nail scissors in one hand, my brow hairs being grasped by the other, off they came. My poor Mum had to pencil my brows in for school, only for them to be washed away during swimming class for my peers to see my bald as a coot forehead. It’s fair to say brows are my bugbear. Despite my teenage self pruning them into a thin and spindly existence, slowly but surely they’ve sprouted back and now I’m a firm believer in the ‘bigger the brow the better’ camp. And I think I’ve found just the product to shape and shade where needed, welcome Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil.

First I’ll get you up to speed. Here’s how my brow beater CV reads so far: Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil in Dark Brown – too hard, Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil in Warm Brunette – too soft, MAC Espresso Eyeshadow – too warm, Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Medium Brown – actually the best of the bunch but still required the whole faff of needing a brush to apply the product (read: I’m lazy). The Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil is formulated to be the best of all the above textures: powder, wax and pencil all stacked up  into one the hard little nib.

The pigment of a powder with the hold of a wax and the handiness of a pencil. I use it vertically to sketch in a few extra hairs at the tail of my brow and then turn it horizontally to do some shading at the arch. Simples. The waxy texture makes it difficult to go too overboard and negates the need to throw on a brow gel post-application. The colour as well, Soft Brunette – one of a range of three – is a good match, neither warm nor cool just an undetectable brow-like shade. It’s supposed to be waterproof; I have yet to test that theory but it’s bloomin’ long lasting stuff and even after a day of me wiping my forehead in a damsel in distress fashion and leaning with my head in my hands (my incognito sleeping position on the tube), my brows are still perfectly positioned. Could I be anymore in love?

The stickler? At £26 a pop from Space NK these are definitely a brow tamer treat – a bit of a last resort purchase for those with a similar brow bugbear if you’d like. The product to price ratio is measly, but it’s a pencil you really don’t have to use heavily-handledly so I’ve got a feeling in my belly this will last a while. I’ll have to keep you hanging on that one. But for now I’ll suck it up as I’m brow content, and that hasn’t happened in a long while…


  • Georgie D’Souza

    Marching on down to sephora to get this, though I’m still tempted by the anastatia brown pencils. Currently using make up forever, too soft but has a fair amount of longevity to it

  • Gillian

    This product sounds great, it looks so similar to an eyebrow product that Tarte do. Not so keen on the price though.

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  • I was pretty much getting ready to hop in the car and drive about 80 miles to my nearest Space NK to get my mitts on this immediately until I read the bit about the price. Cue sharp intake of breath… I have to admit, I’m still a little tempted though. Perhaps a mothers day present to myself? x Becky

  • I prefer bigger brows too, I think they frame your face nicely, if it’s okay for cara delevingne….
    Eleanor x

  • I like doing my eyebrows too and because i naturally have quite sparse and thin brows i always have to rely on products to fill them out. I have been using my rimmel eyebrow pencil but i do feel that it is a little hard like you say and i am on a hunt for a new one to replace it seeing i have nearly used my second pencil up. I’m glad that i can get this hourglass one from SpaceNK~ If its good quality, i wouldn’t mind paying that extra amount of money~

    Thanks for the great review X x X x

  • Charlotte Hoedemakers

    This sounds amazing- I’ve been using the Gosh Brow Ink for the past half year or so because I just can’t find ANYTHING that seems to work with my brows, but this sounds definitely like it’s something worth investing in. Your brows are gorgeously shaped.

  • This product looks fantastic, and the right shade to avoid the ever-feared “scouse brow” effect.  I’m  also glad to hear I’m not the only one who took to nail paraphernalia to tame brows in their youth, although my weapon of choice were nail clippers.  I had to put a plaster over my forehead and invent an accident with a cupboard – even less convincing than the swimming situation, perhaps.  Great recommendation, anyway.
    Elise x

  • Alice

    So tempted to by this, I’ve got equally unruly wolverine style eyebrows! This looks really nice 🙂 xx

  • This sounds like the most amazing brow pencil. I’m sure the price here in Aus will be astronomical though!

  • Anna Garcia

    Totally want this now! Your eyebrows look amazing 🙂

  • This is definitely going on my wish list.  ;)  I love your brows!  I have to do some serious taming with mine to make them look respectable.  I’ve always said they look like two caterpillars kissing, if I don’t pluck them.

  • Claire Sk Choo

    You should try the Shu Uemura Hard 9 formula brow pencil. Hard to swatch in the hand because its so hard but miraculously melts enough when mix with oils in your brows to give perfect consistency. Only caveat is I’m not sure if they do that sword shaped pencil sharpening service that we get in Asia. The pencils get sharpened to the perfect width and slant for easiest brow application.

  • Pippa Jones

    My brows are excatly the same, bushier than ever, I have been using brow gel to control mine but still it doesnt feel right, This does look amazing and having the concept of using the wax instead seems better that a gel? Defiantly something to invest in! :) 

    Pip xx

  • Maddy Cane

    Your brows look lovely, I am trying to grow mine at the moment and they look so weird in the in-between stages. I love the idea of i being a wax rather than a gel! xxx

  • Beautyandtheb

    May have to try this! Just bough Benefit brow-zings and finding it OK but not great!

    B xxx

  • Millie

    You have the most amazing brows, I’m so jealous!! This pencil seems really great and I love how it has a little brush on the end! Will definitely have to try this! Great post!! 🙂 ♥

  • Manouk

    You’re soooo awesome! X

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Babes, your brows are super sexy, chocolatey segments and I have major Brow Envy!!!! Heard good things about the Tom Ford new brow thingy? Jess (JessicaFrench) did a great post and vid on it!

    Liz xxx

  • Denise F.

    That sounds sooooo good! But a bit expensive…awww

  • Raluca Xo

    I love your eyebrows! <3
    they look awesome!

  • Hollie Galvin

    I’ve always used my NYX brow cake powder or Benefit brow zings but this makes your brows look so natural. It’s so tempting! I’ve done everything to my brows too from shaving to waxing and they’re not looking too pretty now! Poor little things

  • Rosie Hampton

    Your writing style is so lovely! It’s a pleasure reading your posts, not just because of the content but because of how well written they are x

  • OMG I just realised we almost have the exact same mark between the eyebrows (mine is from scratching while I had chicken pox as a kid xD). 
    Totally need to get hold of this eyebrow pencil! If only the shipping costs to Germany wouldn’t be that ridiculously expensive! As if it wasn’t enough that the pencil itself isn’t the cheapest thing in the world 😀 But the waxy aspect is really appealing though.. argh

  • Laura

    This sounds amazing, i think i will HAVE to invest… (:

  • Hearts&Crosses

    I actually really like your brows (that sounds sooo creepy and its not hahaha) looks like a great product!

    A little bit Uniquex

  • Gladys

    You have great brows!  Thanks for this review.

  • hbrooksh

    Thank you for the review! There are so many eyebrow pencils too choose from, I can never pick one. I’m looking forward to swatching this next time I’m in Sephora. It must be the waxy consistency, because the color of it in your image seems quite fair.

  • Rainer Lara

    Your brows look great!
    What mascara are you using in this picture? Your lashes look lovely. 🙂

  • katherine.parkes

    sounds beautiful! I do love my good old espresso eyeshadow for my brows though! x

  • Lauren

    Your brows look great!! I have been on the market for a brow pencil lately.  I was thinking of picking up the laura mercier one so I am glad I read your review.


  • Lulu

    I just bought this in SpaceNK today following your recommendation(as I’ve done with most of the stuff I own) – and it is incredible! I have quite sparse eyebrows and works wonders without looking fake at all. So thanks a lot Anna! 🙂

  • Have you tried the Shiseido Natural Eyebrow pencil? It’s my holy grail!