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Seeing as you lot were kind enough to feedback nice things on my previous ‘A Week in Outfits’ post I thought I’d revisit the concept and let you in on my wardrobe choices for five days in a row again. Expect monochrome, a lot of leg covering options and a rain mac – oh it’s the epitome of trend setting going on here as always. I’ll save the waffling and without further ado…

MONDAY: American Apparel Grey Hoodie // Primark Waterproof Jacket // Topshop Leigh Jeans // Hunter Festival Short Wellingtons

I can’t think of a better way to spend the rainy Monday Bank Holiday than to trek to the countryside to go and visit family members that are braving the weather and camping. I jest, I jest. It was in fact awesome – such a great day filled with lots of food and laughs – but it was a bit cold…and wet, so this outfit was conducted with that in mind. Annoyingly those Hunters are no longer made, but similar ones are available and they’ve ended up being such a well-worn purchase. Though I can admit that this wasn’t the most stylish ensemble, especially when you take into account that I was also using Mark’s work rucksack as a handbag.

TUESDAY: Topshop Blue Shirt // River Island Faux Leather Trousers // Whistles Boots // Whistles Satchel 

Though I did spend most of the day surgically attached to my laptop wearing some questionable attire I did crack out something a bit more socially acceptable for dinner in the evening with an old Uni friend. We dined at Polpo – AMAZING place – and my love for the meatballs there did make me regret my tight trouser situation somewhat, but actually I quite liked this combination. Casual, with a bit of dressing up involved on the bottom half. I’ll definitely be wearing this again.

WEDNESDAY: Topshop Black T-Shirt // Whistles Ripped-Knee Jeans

Lily popped over on Wednesday and helped me film a cooking video which I’m very excited about and we ate, sat and edited for pretty much a whole day and despite a few outfit changes – filming makes me sweaty man – this is what I spent most of my day in. I think these jeans may be just as comfortable as my tracksuit bottoms; chic tracksuit bottoms – that’s what they are.

THURSDAY: Whistles Jumper // Topshop Tile Print Leigh Jeans // Nike Free Run 5.0 Trainers // Whistles Satchel

It was a laptop day again, but I did venture out to IKEA in the evening – oh do I know how to have fun, eh? It’s not the kind of place you dress up to attend, though it did feel like a date-night with dinner for two and wandering around hand in hand, so I kept things casual with a warm and fuzzy knit because it was a wee bit chilly.

FRIDAY: COS Knitted Top // Topshop Leigh Jeans // Nike Free Run 5.0 Trainers // Whistles Satchel 

Me in pink?! I know, medical attention is on its way. Friday was a day of two halves with a video filming session in the morning and then travelling back to Brighton to see my family in the evening so I needed something that was comfortable and subtly colourful enough that my Mum would l looked well when I saw her. This pink sweater from COS worked a treat. Though she did still attempt to send me back to Brighton with a week’s worth of frozen dinners in my boot.

Well that was a bit of a casual week, but hey I promise something a little more exciting is coming your way for an updated ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ video is coming v.soon…


  • trudy

    Top comment 🙂 LOVE your style

  • Anna Blush

    I love those Topshop jeans and blue shirt! Your outfits are so casual yet chic x

  • Natali

    Love your two last outfits, so cute and just the way I like to dress up 🙂

  • emiller1233

    How do you make tennis shoes look so adorable with outfits, I just look like a soccer mom!

  • Heather Lee

    Such an awesome concept for this post! I love the side by sides. Also, I’m obsessed with those hunter boots in the first outfit, and that pink sweater in the last… but all of the outfits are adorable!

  • Rachel Coleman

    Love the outfits. So simple yet stylish!x

  • really great choices ! 🙂 x

  • Kristy

    Some great choices, I think Fridays has to be my favourite, purely because of the orange coral jumper – Spring still injected into your outfit.

    Kristy |

  • Mousumee Agnieszka

    Do you ever look anything but utterly gorgeous? Hair up or hair down, nude or bold lip, dressing up or dressing down, you look fab all the time! Gosh!

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    Love these outfits! They look chic and comfortable. Perfect for running around in.


  • Your are the cutest girl out there Anna! Adorable! 🙂

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  • I love all of the outfits! Those Whistles jeans are fab! x

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog

  • Love these outfits! I have a really similar style to yours, and I own a few of the same items already. Great to see how you style them! I wear my Nike Free Runs so often! They are so comfortable and great for busy days 🙂
    – C
    Claudine Converses

  • Really like this kind of post. I loved the last and the second outfit 🙂
    Michela xx

  • Kim O

    The excitement I feel about an updated capsule wardrobe video is getting out of hand!

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    i Love your style, so simple and effortless!
    I’ve recently started my own blog, influenced by your blog among others, I would be thrilled if you, or anyone, could check it out:)

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  • Trudy

    I like Tuesday the most 🙂

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