….And Breathe

If there’s one thing I’m guilty of in the evenings, it’s not being able to switch off (and deciding that I wish to eat pudding at 11pm at night). The Notes app on my own is crammed with muddled midnight typings that I sleepily add in the desperate hope to get all things bloggy off my mind. It makes for some entertaining reading. Sometimes I just need to relax. And to get into that state I have a bevy of good smelling stuff to get me in the mood. Enter, COMO Shambhala’s Invigorate Balm; a blend more formulated for a daytime hit of perkiness, but I use it all-day, everyday whenever I have a ‘pull yourself together woman’ moment. They happen. Often. A mix of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils among others paired with some subtle mind games make me feel that wee bit more chilled whenever I roller it on. Temples, wrists and my pillow seem to be my favourite scent spots but it’s taken up permanent residency in the depths of my bag and gets hauled out whenever I need a roll.

The best bit? It’s a fiver, yep just £5 and available from Cult Beauty (or Urban Retreat for 15p more). One to stick in your basket of beauty booty next time they’re offering free delivery……and breathe.


  • Naffy

    may need to give this a go! looks amazing!

  • Anna Blush

    I’ve been having problems switching off at night time lately so might have to give this balm a go. Such a bargain too!

  • Emma Dunderdale

    definitely need to give this a go! I also have a silly amount of notes on my phone all crammed with midnight ramblings that I’m desperate not to forget by the morning! x

  • I might just get this. Currently in the midst of a levels and family madness and god knows I could do with anything that might calm me down! x

  • That’s such an amazing idea as I have a similar problem! 🙂 And just under 5£ great! 😉 Xx

  • Amysbeautyjournal

    What a bargain! I might give this a go because I struggle to switch off and sometimes end up spending my whole evening on my laptop! whoops..

    Amy |

  • becky

    Sounds lovely! Great price too..deffo picking this up next time I splurge at cult. – beauty blog

  • Oleta
  • Maddy Cane

    Sounds lovely, amazing price too, definitely going to have get one of those! xxx

  • Rocio

    Haha, I’ve been taking natural sleeping pills recently because I just can’t shut my mind off. Blog ideas running through my mind while my husband is sleeping away. I might have to look at a less drastic solution and this sounds perfect. Hopefully it will work for me too!

  • I love the idea of these relaxing oils and balms! I’ll have to pick one up when my This Works Sleep Balm runs out x

  • T
  • sarah beth

    I have a similar one from Neal’s Yard, such a good product for us insomniacs!

  • Added to my payday wishlist on Cult Beauty, this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for. I am so bad at switching off!

    Lottie x

  • Hannah

    I love this! I always seem to have trouble with getting to sleep, and for only a fiver, this sounds perfect!

  • Pippa Jones

    Defiantly treating myself into one of these!

    Pipp xx

  • katielovee

    I need this in my life! I too am guilty of filling up my Notes app with to-do lists and random thoughts when I should be deep asleep the night before work! xx

  • Camille Hutchinson

    This sounds amazing.. I find it really hard to sleep close to exams usually when you need sleep the most (so annoying)


  • katherine.parkes

    sounds great! love products like this x

  • bubbles734

    right then off to purchase this! obviously going to end up with a basket worth hundreds of pounds!! xx

  • Hollie Galvin

    I feel like I need a little one of these what with working with children, my minds everywhere! for a fiver you can’t go wrong, I’m yet to order from Cult beauty, you’ve now just given me an excuse 😉

  • www.strictlyhighstreet.blogspo

    This is something I have to go and have a look at. Such a bargain!