Adding Another MSF to the Collection……..MAC Lightscapade

You already know by now I have a few specific addictions when it comes to makeup – lipsticks (of course), foundations (I had 11 at my last count) and really difficult, hard to find, limited edition MAC MSF’s. I don’t think the latter addiction is one I have discussed much with you before, so I think it may be time to let you in.

Yes, I naughtily added another ridiculously rare MSF to my collection! MAC Lightscapade arrived yesterday and I am in love already. Lightscapade was first released 5 years ago now, back in 2006 in the Danse collection, which is way before I got in high-end makeup (I was more of a Rimmel girl back then). As MAC always seem to do with limited edition MSF’s, they released a tiny amount which of course left people absolutely gagging for it – I have since seen this item on blogsales and ebay for around the £50 mark! Madness! So when I heard that it was due to be re-released again in the MAC ‘Fall Colour’ collection I knew that I had to try and get a look in. At approximately 7.50am on Tuesday morning the Twitter world was buzzing that it has gone live on their website (MAC collections always arrive in store on the 1st Thursday of every month, but usually trickle online the Tuesday before)! So I ran to the office and quickly placed my order, phew! 2 days later it arrived on my lap.

MAC describe it as a ‘soft candlelit beige with multidimensional shimmer’, and I have to agree. With an almost yellowy undertone, it has the most interesting veining running through it – green, peach and blue give it a very distinctive look. Although compared to previous photos that I have seen of Lightscapade, the ones released in this collection do seem to have less veining in them? The other MSF’s that I own are primarily used a blush, but this is definitely one that falls into the highlighter category. I expected it to look a little like the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter, but this is much more subtle and less of a bronze tone. I could see this looking pretty swept all over the eye lids for an easy look, or dusted lightly all over the face if you wanted a bit of extra glow as it is so subtle! I used it this morning on the tops of my cheekbones with a MAC 187 brush and it has made me look nice and fresh.

Ok so it’s not exactly the cheapest thing out there – at £20.50 a pop, but you get a pretty hefty 10g of product – I can never imagine an MSF actually running out! I use some of my others on a daily basis at the moment and they don’t seem to be going down at all! The money paid was totally worth it though, I know feel like I have a bit of MAC history in my hands (lame I know), and it sits nicely in my makeup drawers with my other rare gems 😉 Was it a necessary purchase? No. Do you need it? No. Is it beautiful? Yes. If you fancy getting your hands on it, it’s already out of stock online, so I suggest legging it to your nearest MAC counter.

Compared to how I used to be when MAC collections come out, I can’t say I’m particularly that bothered anymore. I’m not gonna lie, I was there on the 1st Thursday of every month at 10am back at the Nottingham store, but those days are well and truly over! Nothing else in the collection really took my fancy, I was tempted by Show Orchid but I never reach for my more daring lipsticks. Did you guys pick anything up?


  • Kelly

    How strange. Your photos of Lightscapade make it look completely different to my original release one. Mine is very much a off white/extremely light cream base with a crap ton of green, blue, lilac and pink veining. On my skin it gives a pearly sheen 🙂

    • I think it might be the dodgy lighting, as mine definitely looks whiter in real life! It does give the skin the nicest finish doesn’t it 🙂 xx

  • Budget Beauty Queen

    I NEED this is in my life! I didn’t even know it was being rereleased in this collection! I’m off to make a mad dash to my nearest counter!

    Lauren x

    • Haha good luck hun! Hope you find it 🙂 xx

  • Oh my LORD I love this MSF. I became obsessed with finding it before this collection was released, but there was no way I was going to pay 1million pounds for it, haha. ONE DAY, I found it on a blogsale for £7 which is crazy because I NEVER find things on blogsales. BUT I havent even used it yet because i’m so obsessed. (I am a very sad individual, I know). Anyway, I will defiitely pick up another one from this collection if I can, JUST so I can feel okay about using it, haha. (Just re-read this comment-what the hell is wrong with me, haha). Love your blog AND channel! xx

    • Haha £7?!? What a BARGAIN, I’m jealous! But totally understand about needing a whole brand new one before you use it – us makeup lovers are nutters sometimes aren’t we 😉 xx

  • Hedi

    I have it, too. It is a great powder 🙂 xx Hedi

    • Lucky you! It’s beautiful isn’t it xx

  • Anonymous

    I used an MSF up once but it was a natural one so that doesn’t really count does it?

    Its so beautiful and definitely a worthy purchase 🙂 even if you don’t really NEED another one.


    • Ah that doesn’t count 😉 Those MSF Naturals go down so quickly – I use one up every few months! xx

  • I picked the Imaginary Paint Pot. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and try some looks! xx

    • OOoooooo I liked the look of that actually! Bet you could create some lovely looks with that! xx

  • Anonymous

    i dont have any msfs i just dont understand them…i know that sounds stupid but i think i have quite big pores so i avoid anything shimmery and stick mostly matte products so i dont see how i could use them… maybe i need to go a counter and get them to actually put it on me… 😀 xx

    • Yes it’s definitely worth giving them a go! I used to think they were too chunky and glittery as well, but I think MAC definitely make them more refined now so they just give the skin a pretty glow xx

  • I haven’t gotten a chance to play with mine yet – I sent it to my home address instead of my school one! *facepalm* But I’ve heard wonderful things! And I totally agree with the collection thing – I find they rerelease things often enough that I don’t feel a need to really pounce on a particular collection anymore. 

    • Booooo! Hope you love it as much as me when you finally get your hands on it xx

  • Anonymous

    ooh jealous! my housemate has this and the veining is so pretty! 

    MAC’s collections are getting a bit nuts though and my only gripe with the one MSF I have (soft and gentle) is that it’s so big. I really can’t see me getting through it so I don’t think I could justify buying one in a different colour! smaller (say mineralize blush size) and cheaper would be great! xx

    • I agree! I don’t think I will ever get through this! You’re right the size of the blushes would be perfect – then we could totally justify getting more – haha! xx

  • Kathrin Santos

    I’m so jealous! It looks so pretty :/ 

  • Maïwenn Nguyen

    So glad I wasn’t the only one drooling over this MSF!  I’ve never owned one before, and I hear the glitter can be chunky sometimes, but when I saw this on ebay (and the exorbitant price) I knew I had to have it. Thank goodness my mac store still had it! I thought about buying a back-up ( I’m really bad about that) but I decided due to the amount and price one was good enough. Glad I did since I’m reading all these blogs that say they can’t make it through one msf!

    • Oh yes, you definitely don’t need a back up of this! It will last you years!!! xx

  • Charli J

    I swatched this today and let it go…hoping its there when I walk past after work!

    • Crossing my fingers for you hun! xx

  • What a Bind

    I love your dedication!! MSF is the best and totally worth it! XO

  • This looks really pretty but I’ll be one lucky lady if I manage to find this anywhere! xx

    • Haha unfortunately you will – this is one hard to find piece of makeup! xx

  • Jennifer Fitzgerald

    I got this can’t wait to get it in the mail
    xo Jenn

    • Hope you like it as much as I do! xx

  • Oh wow, looks great! I’ve tried an MSF before and unfortunately it just didn’t suite my skin. I would love to try a different type though, such as this one!

    Blog: MizzRubiiee

    • Oh yes this one is lovely, it would suit a variety of skintones xx

  • Lola_loves

    I love this MSF you have it’s a really nice highlight colour. I got my first MSF in soft and gentle a few weeks back and I am in love with it. Shall be adding this one to my list now! X

    • Ohhhh Soft and Gentle is next on my list 🙂 xx

  • amazing i love MSF’s for highlight they always look amazing
    awesome post!! <3

  • Anonymous

    So pretty! I am yet to get a MAC MSF only because they are so expensive here in Oz. Great review!

    Hannah xo

  • princesselfy

    I feel like I want this…and it’s all  your fault!x