A Q&A with Mark and Me


It’s almost been a year since Mark was properly hauled in to a video – lights, camera, action and all – and for this weekend I thought I would keep it chill with my visual offering with a little chatty Q&A sesh that has been highly requested since we turned our hands to this whole vlogging malarkey. So here it is. Mark and I answer questions you lot posed to us and quite honestly it turns into a less interrogating version of The Boyfriend TAG. Poor lad had no idea what he signed up for. But it was fun with laughs and embarrassing stories galore and I don’t think we scared Mark off too much. Same time next year, yeah?


  • I love Mark and your dynamic together as a couple! Maybe even venture out to do Six- monthly videos – 2 a year 😉

    Hannah xx

  • You guys are too cute. x

  • El año próximo o dentro de 6 meses 😀

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  • annya

    More vids with Mark, please!

  • Laura

    Absolutely loved this video Anna! You and Mark remind me so much of my boyfriend and I, especially Marks “eau naturale” comment! Visit Australia, we would love to have you over here! Xx

  • Aw Anna just watched this and I thought it was so lovely! Love your weekly vlogs with Mark, definitely get him in some more vids! xx

  • Amanda

    I loved watching this so much! Mark makes me laugh, his sense of humour is so funny. And what a cutie at his favourite memory! Keeper.

    Amanda Loves | Beauty and Style blog

  • Aww, you two are so sweet together. What a pleasure to watch 🙂 My bf and I are the same- we never call each other by our first names. When it happens, we both shudder with awkwardness 😉

  • This was such a nice video to watch you two are so sweet together, when he said Space NK I had to laugh, he was so certain 😉 really want to live in London now! x


  • Joycelyn Steib

    Awwww….thanks for answering my Q & giving me a shout out!!! You guys are so perfect together & Mark is a total DREAM come true ! So happy it is YOU who caught him cause I think by far you are the best YT around! Please do a part 2 cause I just adore your accent & you are always so sincere and ALWAYS reply as much as you can to your viewers! Hope you make it great in the YT world but not too big where we your faithful viewers get lost in the views! Thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts, reviews, & basically your life with us who are so inquisitive!! Much <3!!! 🙂 Totally loved this vlog!!

  • Owwh Gosh, Anna, you both remind me of myself and my boyfriend together! I just found myself giggling while bringing up memories!

    Silke x

  • Stephanie

    Anna, Mark, this video was incredible! I loved watching!



  • Lauren S
  • Sarah M

    So cute! 🙂 Mark seems just as daft as my boyfriend and that’s a compliment!


    My blog;

  • Loved this video, you two are so cute together! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | ASOS or Feelunique £25 Voucher Giveaway

  • Peach Springs Beauty
  • This video was so lovely! x

  • Charlotte

    There was me thinking you couldn’t get any cuter!!!

  • Ellen P-H

    I loved this! You and Mark both seem so genuine and lovely! really cute

  • Daniella

    so sweet!


  • Sarah C

    Love your charming blog :))

  • Trudy Wang

    It was so funny, love it!!

  • I watched this on a long bus ride home and tried not to giggle out loud. You guys are just so frigging adorable, I can’t stand it!

    Shani x

  • You guys are so cute together! It seems like you have a really healthy, nurturing relationship, and that’s so nice to see. My longtime boyfriend and I were like that with not calling each other by our first names. I think that’s not uncommon, actually, though I don’t really know why that is. You just find those nicknames and you stick with them.


  • Lara

    You guys are so cute and in love! Such an inspiration! 🙂