A Nail Polish a Day…

…Keeps the Doctor away. I’m sure that’s the phrase. Or perhaps it was to do with healthy eating or something?!? Ah well it doesn’t matter, because for the month of December instead of scoffing down on a chocolate moulded into the shape of a reindeer everyday, I’ll instead be opening up a door of mini nail polish goodness. Oh yes, Ciaté have made this girlie dream possible with their Mini Mani Month and I have no idea how I’m going to wait another six weeks to open up this fully sealed (damn) brimming box of nail delights.

As if I need any more nail polish? But the allure of 24 5ml mini ‘awwww’ inducing bottles roped me in. It contains 17 shades from their line (from the preview on the back of the box I’m looking forward to opening the doors that reveal Fade To Greige, Dangerous Affair and Cookies and Cream), four bottles of Ciaté Caviar Blends, that nobbly-bobbly slightly tacky nail effect that I’ve secretly always wanted to try, and three exclusive shades that will only be included in this set.

I picked this up from Selfridges on Oxford Street for the grand total of £38, not bad for the cost of four full-size Ciaté polishes. You can also pick it up from Selfridges online. But quick alert – I did have to fight a gaggle of girls and Selfridges staff all peering at quickly dwindling display to get my mitts on this so don’t say I didn’t warn you on this one…


  • Eleanor

    wow! This is such a good idea! I love it!!! I don’t think I’d be able to wait to open it! It seems pretty reasonable for such a good selection too, especially seeing as it includes the caviar ones!
    Eleanor x

  • anna

    These look adorable !

  • Holly Stewart

    After seeing your instagram of this last night I was straight to the Selfridges website! Gorgeous!! Can’t wait ’til Advent 🙂 x

  • Fernanda

    This is such a good idea! And I love Ciate nail polishes, they are such good quality. xx

  • Sophie

    You’re so lucky you live in the UK, can’t get Ciaté in Australia, plus Selfridges won’t ship nail varnishes over here either 🙁

  • Chelsey Westby

    This is so cute and such a great idea! Definitely would be a lovely change to chocolate each morning. xo

  • Aja

    Any idea where to buy it internationally??

  • KLG_Hair

    That’s such a good idea! Can’t wait to see some of the polishes in action. x

  • Tanya Ruan

    This is definitely the top of my Christmas wishlist. It is just perfect. x

  • OMG. I think I need this!

  • ahintofsparkle

    seriously need this in my life, it will make the christmas countdown just that little bit more exciting ;)..just have to wait and see if there still there at the end of the week after payday :s xxx

  • Pauline

    I also bought it but, but I was afraid that by the time I got to Selfridges they were out of stock so I bought it on the internet, I am supposed to receive it today, so excited. Waiting for 1st December will be tough though !

  • JemJemR

    Eeeekkk it’s amazing! Got mine 🙂

  • MonochromeMagpie

    This sounds like the perfect birthday present for my bestie – and she only has to wait one week :p

  • Just a Spoonful of Sugar

    It’s amazing!! I don’t know if I can get one in France… I love your blog and I linked it in my last post, to make French beautysta love you!!

  • Kayla

    I need this but can i really justify it? hmm xo

  • jess

    this is the best idea for an advert calendar!!! so need to find this before december 😀 thanks for sharing 🙂

  • emily

    This is such a brilliant idea! 🙂

  • Love this!

  • Derby & Lipstick

    OMG I’m so jealous I love it sooo much ;)) I just went through all the websites that sell it and I’m afraid it’s not available in France… Can’t get shipped from Selfridges nor I’m SO sad right now!!! It’s like the cutest thing ever! I will find a way!!!! 🙂

  • Joedi Graham

    OMG this is like a dream come true!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Luxe.

    oh my gosh this is amazing!! What a cool idea!x

  • Blair

    Might have to buy this for my mum and sister as we are all nail polish fans and always used to (we still do, who am I kidding?) buy the christmas countdown chocolates… This might be our new tradition!

  • This sounds so cool! I wonder if it’s available in the states? xx

  • Eliza

    this looks amazing! I want one! x

  • You are lethal to my bank account!! Sooo getting this!

  • thebeautyheroes

    the perfect calendar for the beauty addicted ! xx