A Life Update

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It’s been well over a week since I posted a proper non-video embedded post. WHUT?! I know, as someone who prides themselves on posting every darn day and did so for years and years, it’s always kind of strange to take my foot off the peddle and you know, take a break, but as I’m actually going on a mini-break tomorrow I thought I’d also take a mini-break from posting *she types as she begins to write a blog post on her week off* – I’m working on it alright? 

I felt I was running on empty this past week, so instead of squeezing out a lacklustre post or video I’ve tried to take the time to step back, recharge and have a think about what content I want to be posting blog and video-wise around these parts. My new blog design and mini rebrand (rebrand makes me be sick a little in mouth, but there’s not really another way to phrase it – Name change? Domain switch-a-rooney?) are just around the corner and I’m so, so, so ridiculously excited that after months of back and forth with my web designer, Jay, that you guys will be able to view this new swishy layout that just feels so much fresher. Don’t get excited for the name change, it’s pretty yawn – but the layout, let me tell you… it’s pretty.

Until the new site goes live, which will hopefully be towards to end of the month, posting might be a bit sporadic around here as I work on content for the big reveal. However I’m hoping to get back to my usual two videos a week from Monday and I’m thinking that they’ll be a new post here every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. A little less than what I was doing before, but hopefully the every-other-day schedule means that each post can be meatier and it gives me some extra time to make everything look a bit more aesthetically pleasing. It’s time to mix things up a bit.

Anyway, enough of the deep chat – holidays! Yes, I’m jetting off to Lisbon tomorrow to go on a triple date holiday with Mark and four of our friends. No laptop, no camera, no snapchatting (BOO! This is a condition I’m setting on myself because I’m worried I’ll end up lost and without battery in a foreign country because I’ve been snapchatting at the beach all day). I’m sure the odd Instagram will pop up, but I’m going to take the opportunity to properly switch off and eat lots of those little egg custard tart things and drink Port.

There will be a post up tomorrow which is something exciting that I shot last week as part of a collaboration with one of my favourite places to shop for beauty bits in London. It’s worth popping back for! But aside from that, I hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday. Big love as always for hanging on in there with me!