A Guide To Not Wearing Jeans EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Well, at least four out of five

Being a slave to denim is something that I feel that I can cover up during the winter months. Stick on a chunky knit and all of a sudden that’s the focus. A yellow coat! A leopard print pair of boots! No one even notices that you’re been wearing the same pair of jeans as your base layer for the whole week underneath all the bells and whistles. There are just so many other clothing items that you can disguise your addiction with! The Michelin man is actually wearing jeans under his white puffa jacket suit. WHO KNEW? However, during the summer months as the layers peel away, there are only so many times of wearing the same pale wash jeans with a shirt till you start to feel a little ‘meh’ about your wardrobe, and a little hot and sweaty too. It’s not the greatest combination.

So today I’m sweeping in Superman style with a week’s worth of outfit inspiration that all serve as denim alternatives that aren’t too out of the box for those of us who really despise the idea of wearing anything else. The chances are that you probably have a few of these already hanging up in your wardrobe and just need a bit of egging on to dust ’em off. Consider this your friendly nudge from a fellow blue jean obsessed mate…

Day 1 – The Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is the trump card in my wardrobe. In my eyes they are the best alternatives to denim that I own because they are comfortable and you don’t need to shave your legs to wear them, which are basically the only two prerequisites that I like to tick off when it comes to clothing. If I can eat a three course meal in whatever I’m wearing and feel like I’m wearing pyjamas, then that’s all that matters to me. The fact that pyjama dressing is a current trend makes me one very happy lady.

I have a few dressier numbers up my sleeve that I crack out for more formal events and lend out to friends and family for fancy functions – a red jumpsuit I picked up from ZARA two years ago has been worn by at least five mates (and even my Mum!) and looks cracking on every one of them. However, right now I’m loving a more casual cut, like this Winser London Cotton Utility Jumpsuit. The boiler suit vibes make it comfortable, but cool and because I’m head to toe in black, I’m completely in my comfort zone. This Mango number is very similar, but actually in stock and half the price. WIN.

DAY 2 – The Mini Skirt

Time to shave your legs. I KNOW, I KNOW. One day laser hair removal won’t cost the same a house and we’ll all be able to afford it and swan around admiring our baby-soft pins. One day. But we can’t save all our skirt wearing till that day, so until then I’d say for day two of your denim-free zone to whip out something short. I’m never going to be the biggest fan of skirts, but I did surprise myself the other day by saving a picture of a lovely French lass wearing a leopard print skirt, with a black band t-shirt, a bucket bag and some ballet flats. She looked glorious and I felt instantly inspired. This Topshop Denim Print Skirt is being adding to my basket right now. Add something plain on top to balance it out, a dinky bag and some flats, sandals or ankle boots and you’re good to go.

DAY 3 – It’s Dungaree Time…

Next to jumpsuits in my ‘favourite things I love to wear aside from jeans’ category, are dungarees. Now we’re cheating a bit because we leaning back on denim here, but they’re NOT JEANS and so it’s allowed, ok? Plus you’re on day three. Well done! You deserve some respite. They key to a pair of dungarees that will play a big part in your wardrobe for years to come, is finding some that fit you like a glove. Cosy on the butt, in a length that make you legs go on forever and not too tight around the belly. Although online shopping is basically the only kind of shopping I do these days, you’re going to want to try on as many pairs as you can to ensure they’re just right. Don’t rush this one. I have a pair from Whistles in a washed black fabric and a white pair from Madewell and both fit me pretty darn well. I either wear a shirt underneath, or a plain t-shirt and find loafers or trainers the best shoes to pair with them.

DAY 4 – The Floaty Skirt

I think you’re ready for it. Four days of no jeans and it’s time to tackle the item that sits on the completely different end of the bottom-wear spectrum. Perhaps your legs are still silky smooth, or maybe there are like mine and need shaving approximately 10 minutes after you just have because your hair grows at a bionic-rate, but either way whip ’em out and embrace a floaty skirt and feel like you are basically embracing summer in one clothing item. I find that & Other Stories offer up the best range, and I have a red skirt very similar to this one that I purchased last year and LOVE. If you’re a minimalist lover and fancy something black then I’d suggest the Slit Crepe Skirt, which still gets points for being floaty, but is simple and easy to pair with other bits and bobs. Because they’re a statement piece for me, I go SO simple with everything else; wearing just a t-shirt tucked in and a pair of one-strap sandals. Done. Day four in the bag.


GO YOU! You have successfully completed a four day denim detox. You deserve a big ol’ medal and I’m so proud of you. To congratulate yourself why not crack out your favourite pair of jeans and wear ’em with pride. Tuck in a shirt! Wear them with a cami! Sling on your favourite ankle boots! Wear whatever your uniform is and have a great wardrobe day. For me that’s an Equipment Shirt, with either a pair of Topshop MOTO Straight Leg Raw Hem Jeans or Orson Jeans and a my Sam Edelman Woven Slippers which are just the most comfortable shoe I own right now, with my Loewe Puzzle Bag. I feel like I could wear this combination everyday and die a very happy lady indeed. You’re back in your comfort zone but that was food for thought right? It felt good? Maybe we’ll do the same next week? *Glances at wardrobe that is 40% denim* Or maybe not… 

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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