A Five-Step, Travel-Friendly Skincare Routine


On the whole I’m pretty solid with my skincare routine. There is the odd occasion when a face wipe comes out very, very late at night when I’m too tired to even put on PJ’s and I whine out to Mark ‘Please don’t even tell anyone about this, especially Caroline‘ – it happens. But on the whole it’s a multi-stepped routine that I quite enjoy doing each evening, usually with my laptop propped up at the side showcasing an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race to entertain me as I buff, massage and smooth away. But when you’re holiday ain’t nobody got time for that. Sure there are a few extra layers of sun, sea and SPF that you need to remove at the end of the day, but you want it to be quick and easy and you definitely don’t want to lug your super sized routine overseas. So I’ve compiled a little 5-step travel-friendly skincare get-up. Mini pots at the ready – all you need are these six products…

1) Makeup Remover. I’m taking away with me the smallest little bottle of the Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellar Solution that ever was, but if you’re unable to source this teeny tiny vessel then just decant your makeup remover of choice.

2) Cleanser. For this step I just had to go with the Oskia Renaissance Cleanser into a pot that I found in Tiger. Seeing as I use one pump for morning and two for evening I just measured out the exact amount I needed (with one pump extra for luck).

3) Toner. Into a mini spritzer that I found in MUJI, I poured out my favourite freshener-upper, Omorovizca’s Queen of Hungary Mist, with a little extra than I thought I needed so I have some left over as a hydration option for while in-flight.

4) Serum. Here I filled up a bottle that once held a foundation sample from Estée Lauder I think and I just added a few drops of my current AM and PM serum which is the Oskia Super 16 Serum.

5) Moisturiser. You want to go for something that’s light enough for during the day, but heavy enough so you feel like it’s getting to work during the night. To fit that bill I went for Zelens’ 3t Complex Essential Moisturiser.

6) SPF. My sun protection choice this summer comes from the Zelens Daily Defence SPF 30. It’s thick in a way that you know it’s getting the job done, but isn’t too heavy and provides a good base for makeup when required.

‘But Anna’, I hear you say, ‘that’s six products?’. Indeed, but here’s how you put them into play…

MORNING: Cleanse // Tone // Serum // Moisturiser // SPF

EVENING: Makeup Removal // Cleanse // Tone // Serum // Moisturiser

Six products, five steps, done. And Caroline, I promise that face wipe episode only happened once.