A Festive Capsule Wardrobe From Topshop | AD

So you DO have something to wear to the office Christmas party…


*This post features an advertorial from Topshop

Christmas party season is a tough one. Especially for us folk who like to wear head-to-toe black and the idea of sparkles makes us recoil in horror. I feel ya. So today I’ve teamed up with Topshop to bring you three outfits that all slot together in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve veered too far away from your comfort zone, whilst still embracing some festive flavour. I’ve incorporated some basic items that I already had in my wardrobe, along with five new items to create a trio of new combos that would get me out of any last minute ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR’ dilemmas in a pinch. Five items – that’s it. All can be worn in a variety of ways and aren’t just reserved for the Christmas season, so these won’t get dusty in your wardrobe, but instead are good all-rounders that you can rely on whenever you need something a little extra to polish off an outfit. Have a look inside my party capsule here…



I’m happiest when I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I can secretly pop open the top button of my trousers under the table if I need extra space for food. It’s my comfort blanket outfit and I wear some kind of variation of it every time I have to leave the house. My thinking with this ‘evening version’ is that it has the same formula – a simple Blouson Bed White Blouse and then these Slouch Velvet Trousers that are similar to the ones I’m wearing here; the difference here is that the top is slightly fitted with a peplum detail and the trousers are blue, but they’re blue velvet. Aren’t they stunning? The silhouette is within my comfort boundaries, but the material and the fit make for a slightly more formal attire that pairs perfectly with flats if you fancy wearing this ensemble to the office, then you can switch them under your desk for the Riley Two Part Heel Sandals when you need to get ready for the office Christmas party. I have to say that these heels are perfect because they’re not too high and the ruffle detail gives them a bit of an occasionwear oomph that catches the eye.




When I spotted the Spot Print Wrap Mini Shift Dress online I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed when it arrived because it could not be more up my street if it tried. The pattern is monochrome. TICK. It’s a wrap-fit that cinches in the waist. TICK. There’s a bit of leg. TICK. I. LOVE. IT. The thing I love about patterned LBD’s like this, are that they’re so versatile and can look like a completely different outfit when they’re paired with different accessories and shoe options. If you wore this with tights and the May 2 Leather Ankle Boots then you could easily wear this to work or out for brunch at the weekend, layered with a chunky knit over the top. However, if you went bare leg and rocked the Riley Two Part Heel Sandals with it, then you’re looking at a cracker of a Christmas outfit there. Coat-wise I’d drape something over your shoulders for added warmth, but we’ll cover that in the next outfit…




I love a full-on black outfit. It makes me feel chic and Parisian and I love that you don’t have to think about it as you’re hurriedly grabbing all the items out of your wardrobe, because you know it’s all going to work together when you put it on. I wear black during the day. I wear black during the evenings. I’d happily wear all black to a Christmas party, but I do feel like sometimes it just lacks something. Ladies and gents, that something is the Heavy Sequin Blazer. Look at it! If that doesn’t scream ‘CHRISTMAS PARTY’ then I don’t know what does. This is your trump card to festive dressing. Wear jeans and a t-shirt, throw this on top and POW you’re ready. In fact, I did. I wore the Sleeveless Vest Top and the MOTO Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans – both items that I already had in my wardrobe – paired it with the sequins, my black heels and I think it might be my favourite outfit of all. It makes me want to shimmy around for some reason. Come on, who’s up for a boogie on the dance floor?


Photos by Lauren Shipley

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