A Face Brush Set for a Tenner?

….ok they were £11.99. But hear me out. When it comes to brushes I’m basically a Real Techniques convert. The odd MAC one makes an appearance from back in the day, but RT rule the roost pretty much exclusively (I <3 Sam Chapman 4EVZ). There are a few other brush brands though that I’ve tried in the past and been impressed by, one of which is Eco-Tools. Cute, miniature travel-style brushes are their thing and their short-handled kabukis have been a old regular in the depths of my handbag, so when I spotted the Fresh & Flawless Brush Set for just over a tenner (available from FeelUnique) I thought I’d load ’em up and give them a whirl.

You get five mini face brushes for your dollar, ranging from fluffy to flat-cut to full-on flat. Or a Flat Concealer Brush, Precision Foundation Brush, Buffing Concealer Brush, Full Powder Brush and Complexion Blending Brush to be precise. Here’s the thing. The first two are duds. I’ve never worked well with flat brushes when it comes to face and these two are no exception. The latter three though? Well they’re fab.

The Buffing Concealer brush is probably the most fabulous of the three; blunt fibres make a tiny kabuki that blends in concealer like a dream. Paired with my current favourite – Tarte’s Marajuca Creaseless Concealer – it’s love. Another good’un is the Full Powder Brush. It’s fluffy, flexible and I’ve found it handy for a multitude of tasks, let me get my list out: applying powder to target areas, nice for sweeping highlighter over the cheekbones, bronzer on the apples and blending contour in so nothing looks too harsh *and breathe*. To round off this base perfecting trio is the Complexion Blending Brush, which does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s sort of like a smaller version of the Real Techniques Blending Brush and gets to work with foundation. Obviously it’s smaller so you have to blend with shorter strokes and tinier sections at a time, but in a way that’s a good thing. A bit more work = a better base.

All have been plunged into my handbag, ready and waiting for my next public makeup emergancy. Except for that concealer brush. That’s out on my dressing table in daily arms reach. I’d drop the tenner just for that.