A CHANEL Holiday Dupe?

If I had to pick my favourite nail colour of all time there would be a tussle at the top between Nails Inc Porchester Square, Essie Ballet Slippers and Absolutely Shore and CHANEL’s Holiday - saved myself a post there – the latter being the priciest polish I own. The hefty blow to the wallet upon purchasing, coupled up with the fact that the wear-time really ain’t all that fab has lead me onto the duping path, and you know what? I reckon I’ve found it, along with a few helpful points in the right direction from you lovely lot of course. A summer tipped red with a kick of orange for less than the £18 price tag of the CHANEL? No worries. Here are the contenders from L-R:

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Satsuma – £3.99 – from Boots. Purchased a few months back for its Holiday lookalike properties this polish scrubs up well in the shine and longevity departments. But in terms of a dupe – it’s too pinky and red based to draw comparisons to the CHANEL.

Rimmel Salon Pro in Summer Orange – £4.49 – from Boots. A new favourite is born. Too orangey to be considered close enough to Holiday but the one-sweep brush on these newly launched polishes is awesome. I actually sneakily lacquered this on all 10 of my digits after the picture for this post was taken.

CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Colour in Holiday – £18 – from House of Fraser. Not a contender, but the referance point of all orange undertoned rouge hues. I LOVE IT.

Essie Nail Lacquer in Meet Me at Sunset – £7.99 – from Boots. Red enough? Yes. Orange enough? Yes. A perfect blend of both?… I’ll keep building the suspense for this one. But you know for me Essie always bring it in the brush, sheen and application departments and this one is no different.

Rimmel 60 Seconds in Sun Downer – £3.69 – from Boots. Held side to side with the CHANEL this shade looks spot on, but post-lacquer it’s a little pinky to be seriously considered seriously in this line up. I’ve got a lot of love for this formula though and credit it for kicking off my current drugstore polish coveting.

The winner? Essie’s Meet Me At Sunset. At £7.99 it’s still under half the price of its CHANEL counterpart and it’s pretty much like for like. Mission complete. Over and out.