A BB Cream For Your Nails?!

BB Cream

After gel-ing up my fingernails one too many times this summer (I can’t help myself, it’s just so convenient), they’re in need of some serious TLC. There are a few treatment polishes in my collection that I always lacquer up with in times of need, however this time round I thought I’d give a new release a go – Orly’s BB Cream. Yep, a BB Cream for your nails

Now I’m not really sure how a nail polish can perform the ‘blemish balm’ duties that BB’s were originally created for, but putting the title completely to the side it’s actually rather good stuff. A very, very sheer peach shade it’s designed to be used alone – with one coat or two – to brighten, hydrate, strengthen and protect your tips (I always have to check about 15 times when I write ‘tip’ that I haven’t accidentally replaced one of the letters with a ‘t’). I would dub it a ‘tinted moisturiser for your nails‘. It coats them with the tiniest hint of colour, adds moisture and even has SPF thrown in. It leaves an almost rubberised sheeny finish behind – think the NARS packaging – with gives more of a glow to the nails than a typical gloss. I’ve been using it on/off for the past few weeks and my nails do feel stronger, any traces of a yellow tinge are gone and there’s less flaking to report. BB for nails? I’m sold.