Wrapped Up

I ombréd my hair two years after everyone else, only just started watching Mad Men and tested out nail wraps for the first time yesterday. You noticing a trend here? I’m notorious for being a little late to plenty of parties. The nail wrap trend was originally served up in a slightly more trickier form than it exists today, but being a bit of a fierce protector of my beds and any methods that could cause damage in any way and due to some of the garnish patterns available I’ve always steered clear. But after being inspired to experiment after flicking through my WAH Nails Book and whilst browsing the shelves at Boots I stumbled across a pack that didn’t seem too horrendous – Nail Rock Jade Quail Nail Wraps. I love a bit of turquoise, me.

I remember the days where nail wraps had to be steadily applied to the nail, then blown on with hairdryers, expertly trimmed and compared to that process this pack of Nail Rocks were a ball. In essence they are just very, very sticky nail stickers. You peel the size suited to your nail off the card, line up, press down firmly onto your nail starting from the cuticle and working up then file off the excess. All done while watching Mad Men without sawing half your nail off.

Two niggles? Due to the fact you have to file off any excess wrap you can end up giving your nails an unintentional file too which wasn’t in my plans and during the process I discovered I had tinsie tiny nails (who knew!?) and needed to cut a lot of the wraps down. But all in all not a bad experience – not too difficult to apply and I rather liked the finished effect. Although I must admit they were whipped off pretty speedily. My reasons being that I’m filming a manicure routine video today (that should be live tomorrow) and I ballsed up two fingers on my right hand which were unable to be saved, as due to my fiddling the stickers had lost their ‘stick’. Bwalls.

So that was me – wrapped up for a grand total of one day in the things. I’d give my talon sticker exploits a B-, must try harder next time: use more elbow grease when applying, experiment with a top coat to increase longevity and persist a little longer than 24 hours with ’em so I can report back on their lasting power. I think a purchase of the Models Own/WAH Nails collaboration will be on the cards next – flouncy floral nails – yes please. Time to wrap this up – any tips for a first time nail wrapper?


  • Im like you with this, I am always late to the trends, and still havent gotten as far as the nail wraps, might have to give them a try thanks to this blog post though. Im hopeless for being up to date, though in my defence its because I like reading what others have to say about things before giving it a try. I adore you and your blog x

    • Thanks hun! I wouldn’t worry I’m about 2 years too late to this party. But it’s definitely one worth testing out if you find a patter you love 🙂

  • This is gorgeous!

  • KLG_Hair

    These look amazing! I love the turquoise.
    Last time I tried nail wraps I got in a right pickle, and they ended up looking rubbish. Will try again though.

    • Haha they are definitely worth persisting with! 🙂

  • Millie

    They look great!! The design is gorgeous I have always wanted to try these but im afraid that I don’t have the patience for them! 🙂 ♥

    • Ah thanks! 🙂

  • rachel.4

    Well they look good, but time is waaaay too precious to fanny on with wraps that last less than twenty four hours.. A slick of the similar hue-d Mint Candy Apple will do me nicely until some miraculous wraps are invented!

    Rachelle xo

    • Haha – hear, hear 😉

  • Heather

    they look really nice, i love the print and the colour!

  • They look really nice and you’ve applied them perfectly!

    • Cheers hun! 🙂


    These are so much better than they use to be! I remember when they use to need heat and were really thick! Different brands have different paper quality, I think these are quite thick, nail ease are a little thinner and tend to be a little more comfortable and easier to wear. I actually own these, must give them a go, they look fab! (Or maybe I’ll save them for summer) X

    • Haha I remember watching tutorials of applying them with hairdryers! Madness 😉 Ah I didn’t think about the thickness of the paper – will keep an eye out for the Nail Ease ones next time I’m in Boots – cheers Sabrina! x

  • Grace

    I’ve never tried nail wraps but these look amazing! x

  • Sarah V

    Those nail wraps look amazing! I’ve never tried it though, I’m more of a traditional nail polish girl I guess 😉

    • Thanks! Me too usually 😉 But it was nice to try something different for once 🙂

      • Sarah V

        Maybe I should get out of my comfort zone and try it as well! 🙂

  • I have never tried nail wraps either but I think I’ll stick to nail polish instead, I liked it better

    • Fair enough! 🙂

  • Nail wraps never attracted me but these make me wanna try it out!

    • That’s fab you want to try something new! 😉

  • This looks super duper cool! Where can I get it in Belgium!
    You know, being sick and all, I might need to do something constructive, be it only to my nails haha!
    Love it! Thanks for the tip!

    • Do Asos ship internationally? As they have them in stock on there 🙂

  • Lipstick Fridays

    Wow xx What a great job youve made for your first time 🙂 I love a bit of turquoise too xxx I do minx professionally ( I know these arent minx but the same idea) the one thing I will say is remove them properly – I see lots of clients who just peel them off and end up giving their nails the equivalent of a microdermabrasion session !! You dont want to peel off the top layers of your nails so remove them carefully according to the instructions 🙂 Keep your nails moisturised ?! A nail oil morning and night massaged into your cuticles will penetrate into the nail bed keeping your nails hydrated and moisturised therefore helping your nail wraps last longer 🙂 xxx Hope this helps xxx

    • Brilliant – thanks for the tips hun, it does help indeed! 🙂

  • Katie

    These are amazing, I don’t like most of the designs (neon flowers and leopard print anyone?) of the nail wraps but these seem quite chic, and I love the colour. Have you seen the new Essie ones? They’re also really cool!

    Katie xx

    • Yes I have!!! I have my eye on those when they get released, they’ve got some nice not too garnish patterns coming out too 🙂

  • Amanda

    They look so cool – really like those turquoise stones you can get. I’ve tried nail wraps before and just find them waaaaay too much effort haha.


    • Haha they can be a little fiddly – but practice makes perfect 🙂

  • WY H

    They look great, nail rock has one of the best and nicest nail wraps in my opinion! :-). xx

    Raves ‘nd Ramblings

    • They have some gorgeous patterns – especially on the ASOS website! 🙂

  • jess

    hands up i have never tried these but the new essie sleek sticks which are very similar have me wanting to try them. i am loving these turquoise ones they are so bright and gorgeous 😀

    • I’ve got my eye on the new Essie ones too 🙂

  • Fk

    I think only minx on the toes for me.. X

  • Denise F.

    looks great!

  • Georgina Hatton-Woods

    I love the turquoise trend to so these are fab!

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

  • Esme Peirce

    I still haven’t joined the nail wrap parade it just seems like quite a lot of faff 🙂 xx

    • Haha fair enough! 🙂

  • beckysmakeup

    I am like you, I tried these (for charity when they bought out the Children in Need ones) but I just could not get my head around them. Plus being a Virgo and a slight perfectionist (cue OCD) meant that they never looked right and were whipped off soon after! Think I shall be sticking to nail polish!


    beckys makeup

    • Ah gawd yes I’m a Virgo too and I feel your pain there! 😉

  • katherine.parkes

    I would be far too clumsy for nail wraps, I always scuff my nails up when they only have polish on let alone a wrap! They are a lovely pattern/shade though 🙂 x

    • Haha thank you! 🙂

  • jess chauhan

    They look so amazing on your nails!! I feel like I have the shortest of nails and would never look good!

  • Hearts&Crosses

    They look so natural on your nails, but I’m scared I wouldn’t be able to apply them properly haha


    • I have to say they aren’t as bad as I expected, a little fiddly but nothing you can’t do while sitting down and watching TV 🙂

  • The pattern on those is lovely! I’ve only ever tried nail wraps on one finger as an accent nail and think they look great like that too!


  • Carreen Cole

    I love using nail wraps! I find that using a good base coat, even though the directions say to apply to clean nails, and a top coat, help a lot with staying power. 🙂

  • Those are gorgeous! Really cool without being too in your face! x

  • Pippa Jones

    Really nice colour, I didnt think that when theses first come out that they would be any good but they have come out really good on your nails, defiantly up for giving them ago now.

    Pipp xx

  • How on earth?! I find that these aren’t WIDE enough for all of my nails so the sizes are really weird – AND.. whats weirder is you get 2 sets of 8? I don’t get that. Because I have 10 digits, but they’re decided to give you just a bit short of 2 uses worth – PFT. So yeah, not wide enough for my fingers, and when I used them they creased so much and it was impossible to work them out! And they peeled towards the end of the fingers. I used plain gold so it was obvious too =/

    Sarah xx

  • mehjabeenshah

    i can never really be bothered to faf around with nail wraps but you seem to have changed my mind as they look so good will definitely try xx

  • Sam Glossips

    mine lasted until i went to wash my hair and the all got stuck in my hair! Topcoat doesn’t do anything to increase longevity. They weren’t for me.