The Weekend Post #72: Unspoken Beauty Bits


There’s just some things we don’t natter enough about in the beauty world. Unspoken beauty; the not-so-sexy stuff that’s brushed under the rug but the deets of which can be really damn helpful. So get in closer as this weekend I’m getting down to my nitty gritty regimes sleepover stylée. Grab a pillow and get comfy…

Face fuzz. When it comes to facial hair I’ve got it all – a monobrow (which over the years I’ve managed to tame somewhat), a tache, heck there’s even some fluff which can look very beard-like in certain lighting conditions. I got all the best traits from my Dad obviously. And I’ve tried everything when it comes to removal – even the fishy smelling cream, the application of which always seems to coincide with the postman’s arrival – and after a good 10 years or so of beard and brow battling, I now just resort to a good old pair of Tweezerman Tweezers and go to town. Not the most pain-free, nor revolutionary method of de-tasching yourself but at least you won’t panic when the doorbell rings. Any more advanced fish-fragrance-free techniques are welcomed.

Sweat it out. Not only am I a Hairy McLairy, but I’m a Sweaty Betty too. My deodorant of choice is Mitchum Advanced Control 48 Anti-Perspirant, which does what it says on the tin. I’ve tried more natural alternatives, but just ended up being pongy by midday – no no. A newer addition to the pit crew is Perspirex, which supposedly puts a stop to wet patches for up to five days. Say what? You apply at night, then wash off in the morning and go about your business sweat-free(ish). I’m still in the early stages of testing this one out, but I have managed to rock a grey t-shirt since using it. Result.

*Ahem* ‘body’ hair. After enduring the humiliation of a Beautician rushing to get more strips during a waxing session a few years ago as I’m just so darn hairy, I now stick to a pump of shower gel and a razor to wave goodbye to body hair. It’s fuss-free but shaving has its own niggles, namely lumpy, bumpy ingrown hairs – especially in that area, you know? But just in the nick of time before bikini season is among us I’ve found a solution, Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Solution that since applying post-shave I haven’t seen a pesky pimple crop up. It’s like aftershave for your bits only without the yelps of pain afterwards.

Happy feet. I’ve not painted the best picture of myself here, so perhaps I can claw it back a bit when it comes to feet – mine of which are actually in an ok condition. Once a week sawaways in the bath with the Tweezerman Foot File seem to keep everything in check. But to add a bit of luxe to proceedings I picked up the Margaret Dabbs Discovery Kit and am finding the routine of the Hydrating Foot Soak, followed by a scrub with the Exfoliating Foot Mousse and a slathering of the Intensive Treatment Foot Oil is leaving me sandal-stress free.

Body hair, beards and bikini lines dealt with, I’ll be back with the usual beauty bait tomorrow. But tonight you know what I’ll be doing. Yours truly. Teen Wolf x 


  • Amy

    I read some great this about the Mitchum deodorants, I should give them a go however I know my sister had a spray version and I’m sure it was that which didn’t smell that nice :/ I’ll have a cheeky sniff in Boots!

    Great post 😀
    Amy xx

    A Little Boat Sailing

  • Samantha

    You should try Dove or Rexona clinical protection for deodorant. I thought Mitcham was good..then i tried this! It’s actually amazing

  • Charlotte

    🙂 I see myself when I read this. I know what you went trough and what you are still going trough you hairy person ;).. I did not know you plugged your brows! When i see a picture or video I am always so jealous of them, they look great! I’ll have to give the ingrow hair solution a try. Thanks for sharing. Kiss

  • Emilie Garnes

    Thanks for this Anna, many highly appreciated recommendations in there! 😀 And as a quick note, Oh my you make me giggle and chuckle so bad!! I believe you would do great as a journalist! Your writing is just brilliant 🙂 Lots of love, Emilie xx

  • Dee

    Perspirex is AMAZING. It smells a bit funny and make that your underarms are ultra dry before applying our it will sting, but nothing worked for me until that. Have been using it for years now and no adverse effects. I picked up one of the new dove long lasting ones recently – it’s not as effective but a much nicer fragrance so I use it on ‘days off’

  • Rhona

    I love this post! Brilliant. Just bought the Tend Skin, can’t wait to try it out and see if it helps x

  • Abbi Fay

    I love this! I always value your recommendations and this even more so! xx

  • Denise F.

    Great idea to make a post like this! Love it!

  • Ella

    I have it all, too – mono brow, moustache, beardy thing, sideburns, even random little wispy bits of hair that grow down from the hairline to the brow/s.

  • ainslieclare

    Haha I love this! Had a quiet chuckle to myself xx

  • Dannielle S

    Great post, you really made me laugh with your writing style. I really want to try that Ingrown Hair Solution now, it sounds perfect for me! xx

  • Becky

    Every paragraph of this post had me, pretty much, out right laughing (sort of at your expense – sorry – but mostly because it is oh-so-relatable). Another good deodorant is Driclor but it is stroooong stuff. It actually left me with chemical burn but that was after ignoring the instructions and some enthusiastic over-application. Once I had figured out what to do, it worked like a treat (I even passed the grey tee test too).
    Cheers for a Sunday morning chuckle.

  • We seem to have exactly the same problems! Us and 90% of women no doubt. I love Mitchum – I use the Powder Fresh scent though because I love it when body products have powdery fragrances. For my ‘tache I use Jolene bleach. If you try it don’t freak out if the first time round, the skin under the cream appears a little lighter, it fades! I will be trying out the Tweezerman foot file because omg the hard skin on my feet is horrendous. Cracking post, you write so well.

  • Kate

    Oh my gosh! I am like you, I have the worst facial hair (only tache, no beard.) luckily my mum introduced me to Veet hair removal cream when I was about 14! It doesn’t smell TOO bad and I find it easy to use and it lasts a good 5 days or so.

    Great product tip for shaving *down there*. Will look into buying it!


  • Kate

    And I also have the sweat problem but I use sure maximum protection! It’s the only deo that makes me smell fresh all day! Haha.

  • Love this post!! Nice work! X

  • Rachel

    I can’t afford to wax all the time, so thanks for sharing your solution to those pesky pimples.

  • Haha, love this post Vivianna! I need that ten skin ingrown hair solution! But I don’t think they sell this product, or something that comes closes to it, in Belgium 🙁

  • I love your honesty, it always makes me chuckle. I can relate to all of these pesky problems we pretend we don’t have aha xx

  • Moon Jerin-Redzwan

    Love this post viviana.

  • Annie

    Hahaha omg one of your most hilarious posts, “teen wolf” oh god. Don’t worry Anna I’ve got it all: the moustache, the fluff and some Cara Delavingne eyebrows except that mine don’t look that good. Thanks for the post xx

  • Oh Anna, I absolutely adore your honesty! I think this is something we can all relate to yet dare not speak about! Great witty post!


  • Slanted Stripes

    Best post ever! X

  • haha Teen Wolf!!!

  • Neave OBrien

    Love this! No one speaks about the ugly side in trying to stay pretty!! Thanks for your insights! xx

  • Ella

    I love this because I can absolutely relate to this. I have it all, the tache I have to get waxed along with cars delevigne-style eyebrows that meet in the middle, sideburns and a fluffy little beard style thing, and while the hair on my head is blonde-ish, every else certainly is not. I have the darkest everything and its a nightmare! Such a good post and it kept me laughing x

  • Olivia

    This was such a brilliant post Anna! Genuinely I can relate to all of these problems and will be purchasing some of these products straight away, your honesty is much appreciated or I may never have discovered some of these products!

  • Ally

    I love this so much! Best post of the month. As a fellow teen wolf I recommend laser hair removal if your budget can take it. It’s getting quite popular here in Sydney. It’s not completely permanent hair removal, particularly since I am lazy with following it up, and can be slightly painful but for nanoseconds, but I have noticed 90% less tache, underarm and bikini line hair. And it only works on fairer skinned/darker haired people so if you fit into that category try it out.

  • joysteib

    When it comes to unspoken beauty bits, you said a mouthful my dear!! Oh yes you touched on a lot in your post!! A very great post indeed!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!! <3

  • Samantha

    Great Post. Bikini Zone Anti-Bump shave gel is absolutely amazing and very budget friendly. You can’t buy it in the shops in the UK, but they do sell it on amazon. Every time I go back to the states, this is the one thing that comes back by the boat load 😉

  • Dawn

    Hilarious and brilliant. Love fellow teen wolf! Haha x

  • I am literally reading this on a break form plugging my sideburns (and my goatee style chin hair actually) with the horrifying magnifying mirror… 😀

  • Chelsey Westby

    Love this post! Great to see a not so pretty beauty post about the real struggle us girls go through to look just a little good. Taking all your tips on board and writing down all of the products to have a hunt for myself. Thanks for the honesty. xo

  • I loooooved this post !
    speaking out the truth in a funny but not gross way !
    thank you ! 🙂

  • Sam Wilkinson

    If you haven’t tried it already, smother your skin in cheap conditioner before shaving. I haven’t had razor burn or ingrown hairs since doing it! And make sure your razor is really sharp or it drags and causes the burn.
    Sam x

  • Alisha B

    Hahahahah that last line was the icing on the cake! I love you so much Anna, you are so ‘down to earth’ … ‘real’ whatever lame label tickles your fancy. I find you so accessible and thorough. I do however need to stop watching your videos and reading your blog because its costing me a bomb.. but my skin has never looked better!! xx

  • beautyandtheb

    brilliant post, you write so honestly!

    B xx

  • Georgina

    You are adorable haha! Your blog is fast becoming my absolute fav 🙂

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    What a fabulous post Anna! I recently noticed a bit of a blond beard going on which filled me with serious dread. It’s about time someone mentioned the less glamorous side as beauty and as the super cute energy advert says, we’re all in this together!


  • Imogen

    hahaha oh anna how you make me giggle! 🙂

    Imogen – A rendezvous with you

  • Catherine

    Such a good and refreshing post!

  • charlie

    Made my weekend 😉
    ps. you are not alone 😉 xx

  • Laurie

    Lovely post!
    xFellow teen wolf 😉

  • Danielle

    Great post! I wish more bloggers were open about this stuff lol.
    – Danielle

  • lucy

    You need to try Sure Maximum Protection! (the cream one you apply
    at night) x

  • Hollie Galvin

    I find Mitchum atnti perspirant a good’un too, the scents they do aren’t too overpowering. I’m the opposite I need my brows to grow not disappear!

  • carolinesbabble

    Rather than shaving *down there* areas, try the nads natural warm waxing kit, it’s inexpensive and so quick to use. tip: purchased some fabric strips from amazon (as theres never enough in these darn boxes). Not only have i had no lumpy bumpy bits it has saved me a small fortune in waxing bills!

  • Great post Anna, so nice to see a post about the beauty buys that every girl has to go through. Laaavely chuckle for my Sunday afternoon, have a good rest of your weekend! x

  • Ashley

    Struggled with the hair removal issue too, and like Kate said above Veet hair removal cream is awesome(way better than a razor). I follow up with Tend skin and have had no problems! Great post!

  • Stevie-Rose Miller

    I’m so happy you posted this! Thanks to being the daughter of a pale moon-bathing mother and a dad that looks practically asian, I’ve managed to get dark hair everywhere and the nice pale skin to accentuate the darkness even more! FAB! And my gorilla of a dad also has passed down the beautiful tradition of sweating no matter what you do! Nice to know I’m not alone! If only being hairy was socially acceptable! :p

  • Shivani

    I’ve been reading for a while, but this is the first time I’m commenting, just to say thank you so much, as a particularly hairy mclairy indian. For eyebrows and stache, have to suggest threading, it’s like tweezing but better, faster, and not as painful. You can do it yourself, but I would suggest getting it done the first few times to learn how it’s done. Also, lasers, for those of us whose beards are really quite manlike – it’s awfully expensive but lordy, I needed it. Also, sugar waxing – you can make it at home! Just a bit of sugar, lemon juice and water, all melted together for relatively painless and cheap hair removal, and then just exfoliate a bit to ensure no ingrowns.

  • Nisprih Mohan-Ram

    Love the content on your blog! Following for sure. Consider me a new fan.

  • Driclor is great for fellow sweaty bettys! It’s like the one you’ve suggested; put it on in the morning every night while you start and wash off in the morning, then reduce use over time, it really is AMAZING. But by god if you put it on after you’ve shaved/slightly wet it burns like the pits of hell (pits. Get it? bahaha) But yeah, it’s good! And I’m still trying to fight my inner Chubacca; my hair just grows way too fast for shaving to be my only solution :'( Hoping to find some useful bits of info in these comments though!

  • Karima

    I’m not sure if somebody mentioned it already but you can buy some kind of “facial hair removal stick” on Amazon. It is really easy to use and not expensive at all! The hair gets removed at the root, so it does hurt but just a little bit. It is quite a quick method as well and you don’t even need a mirror to do it. For me it works to get rid of my “mustache” and I hope some of you girls may find this tip useful.

    There are plenty of sellers who offer it, here is just an example:

  • Annie Tasker

    I love mitchem deodorant best ever!

  • I get my top lip threaded around every three weeks and I’ve got to say I love the effect. Make-up goes on far smoother and I feel much more confident now it doesn’t glisten in the light (that’s why I’m not a bleacher) You should give it a go, and I’m sure they do a full face threading too

  • emilyeclupton

    Hilarious and very informative. I wish more beauty bloggers would talk about the ‘dirty stuff; I think all girls could use a little ‘tache trimming and sweat stopping advice!

  • I find double-layering a roll-on and a spray-on deodorant does the job most days 🙂 Also with hair removal… I have to admit that when it comes to ‘body’ hair I just trim. So much easier and frankly as long as it doesn’t show from a swimsuit I don’t really care.

  • Hannah

    Does anyone else really sting when they use sperspirex cos it has really put me off it cos I feel like I’m having a bad reaction to it. But, if it happens to other people then I’ll give it another shot! Also has anyone tried the new veet wax for your upper lip, I’ve bought it but too scared to use it!

  • Rita

    Thank you for this post!

  • thanks for this post! Is nice someones talking about ome of the less glam bits of grooming for a change x

  • Pippa Jones

    Love this post, More of the less talked about side of beauty.

    Pipp xx

  • Wonderlust

    I LOVED this post!! I no longer feel alone in my sweaty, hairy- ness 😉 Click on the link below to check out my latest post that actually includes a new deodorant! Thanks so much!!


  • Carolyn

    Fabulous post!! I absolutely second the previous comment about Driclor (from Boots, about 6 quid). It’s a similar product to perspirex, and yes it will sting sometimes, but I am of the most sensitive-skinned-brigade and it wasn’t a problem. Just don’t use it after shaving. Ever. I used it every night for a week, then once a week, and now 3 years later I use it about once every six months!! The rest of the time I can use a gentle Dove stick deodorant like a regular non-sweaty Betty, and don’t have to shop for clothes based on their potential to hide sweat patches. Winner!

  • hahaha you are my spirit hairy animal. i’ve shaved my arms for years — and am VERY avoid catching my reflection in the mirror when i know the light is just right to make me look like a fuzzy little bearded lady. ugh!

  • So many amazing, amazing comments that all put a grin on my face as they’ve pinged through. Your recommendations have been noted (Driclor I’m coming for ya, Lazer in my dreams), and your anecdotes have had me giggling. You rock. TEEN WOLVES UNITE! x

  • emilylikesmakeup

    I know you’ve already said you’re going to try Driclor but honestly I’ll just tell you that I love it! It can sting a bit the first couple of times you use it, but it’s worth it! Glad to see someone’s talking about the bits of beauty many people avoid! xx

  • Try the EPICARE for facial hair removal, you can get it on Ebay. Really effective and fast.just try not to let your hair grow long cause it can get painful.after showering is the best time.HTH

  • Where can I find the Tend Skin lotion? I went on their website and the only ship to US? 🙁

    • Cult Beauty! x

  • ps. I use SAUBER as a deodorant, it’s a cream that works up to 5 days (one will shower at least once in 5 days so I not sure about this part). I can assure you I haven’t suffered from “patches” ever since 🙂 girl scout’s word.
    I also use Sanex deodorant after shaving, since it’s creamy and doesn’t sting at all plus both the INCIs of the 2 products are GREAT. ‘Nuff said xxx

  • Kayla

    THANK YOU for this! No one ever talks about the things we all have to deal with! Definitely buying the aftershave for your bits now! 😉 Thank you Anna! x

  • Sarah S.

    You’re so right – not enough bloggers talking about this very useful stuff! I am a fellow ‘stache and sweaty Betty 😉 I think most of us are!

  • Have you tried getting your tache threaded? I used to use the cream too but it had a weird effect on my skin. So I’ve switched to threading and it’s painful but lasts and not normally overly expensive to get done, also doesn’t damage the skin. I know ladies that have their sideburns and “beard” done too and it’s less painful on the face. I hate shaving my bikini line, used to, have now gotten too lazy and switched to waxing with some tweezing in between.

  • Addison Cain

    Tweezerman tweezers are the best thing, especially since you can send them back for a free sharpening. Totally worth the investment!

  • Shel Jay

    This post is brilliant! I was chuckling along throughout (with you, not at you!) Fab/Brilliant/Marvy that you’ve boldly gone where few other beauty bloggers have gone before *applauds* x x

  • lauren

    this is such a brilliant post! about time someone posted about the unsung beauty heroes! xo

  • mmm

    I tried Epicare Magic wand and I am quite happy with it:

  • Sarah

    Your honesty is admirable … Brilliant post fair play to you!!!! It’s nice that you are keeping it real!!

  • Tenneil

    This is such a refreshing read, Anna! Thank you for talking about the beauty bits that even the most confident girls can still feel insecure about. I’m pretty hairy myself and I get so down about it sometimes! It’s ridiculous and I know I’m not the only one, but we all want to feel feminine and girly. There’s nothing like a good pamper that can fix that though. I wax my underarms, pluck my eyebrows, shave my legs and bikini line and use hair removal cream for the upper lip! Doesn’t sound exactly glamourous, does it? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

  • Clare :)

    Waaaaaauuuuaaaah (that is my Chubacca salute to you Anna) made me laugh but also food for thought. Definitely going to get the tend skin thingymajiggy, bumps be gone!

    Love from Cousin IT xx

  • Loved this Anna! It felt like when you’re at a sleepover with your girls and someone admits they wax their tache then everyone owns up to doing it! what is is with those removal creams, I got one that claimed to be raspberry scented and it smelt like a can of tuna, makes me nervous as to what I’m putting on my top lip! x

  • Tanya Steadman

    I love this so much! I’m like you and got my dads dark hair, eyebrows and everything! It’s helpful for girls to see the nitty gritty stuff which is never shown online as it’s too personal, or not glamorous! great post.

  • Vivianna, I really love your weekend posts. They’re always so much fun to read – especially when you have these types of discussion! These products are rarely mentioned in beauty posts, but there is no shame to them!

    Katherine of Handmade Reviews

  • Lauren Duncan

    Thank you for this post. I am off to purchase the Ingrown Hair Solution. These essentials shouldn’t be to unspeakable!

    Lauren x

  • Eimear Magee

    amazing post as always. I literally live by your blog!
    eimear x

  • Evie Salter

    I just love how honest you are and I think there should definitely be more posts like this around! I am also a sufferer of the hair-problem, which of course comes from the incredibly thick and dark hair gene that runs in my family! Thanks Anna!

  • Kim

    Thanks for the honesty!

  • have you tried those little eyebrow razor things? I use those for grooming my brows and any other unwanted facial hair. it is quick and pain free!

  • vicky kaur

    Such a great post! Thanks for addressing such a charming topic lol.. Another method you should consider trying is threading! It’s pretty much like plucking, only much quicker. If you live near any asians they don’t usually charge much for doing it either!

  • Kate

    This had me giggling throughout. Such a wonderfully honest post. Going to give that Ingrown Hair solution a whirl. x

  • Liv

    absolutely love your honesty! and will deffo try some of these out as i do have similar problems haha 🙁 i feel your pain!

    Liv xxx

  • Vanessa

    Hi Anna you should definitely try threading – it’s how I keep my facial hair under control. They can get rid of the fuzz as well. If you go to an Asian area in london they’ll usually thread your eyebrows for £2/£3!

  • Tasha

    Such an honest post and very helpful too! I’ll definitely be having a look into that ingrown hair stuff you mentioned 🙂

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