The Weekend Post #72: Unspoken Beauty Bits


There’s just some things we don’t natter enough about in the beauty world. Unspoken beauty; the not-so-sexy stuff that’s brushed under the rug but the deets of which can be really damn helpful. So get in closer as this weekend I’m getting down to my nitty gritty regimes sleepover stylée. Grab a pillow and get comfy…

Face fuzz. When it comes to facial hair I’ve got it all – a monobrow (which over the years I’ve managed to tame somewhat), a tache, heck there’s even some fluff which can look very beard-like in certain lighting conditions. I got all the best traits from my Dad obviously. And I’ve tried everything when it comes to removal – even the fishy smelling cream, the application of which always seems to coincide with the postman’s arrival – and after a good 10 years or so of beard and brow battling, I now just resort to a good old pair of Tweezerman Tweezers and go to town. Not the most pain-free, nor revolutionary method of de-tasching yourself but at least you won’t panic when the doorbell rings. Any more advanced fish-fragrance-free techniques are welcomed.

Sweat it out. Not only am I a Hairy McLairy, but I’m a Sweaty Betty too. My deodorant of choice is Mitchum Advanced Control 48 Anti-Perspirant, which does what it says on the tin. I’ve tried more natural alternatives, but just ended up being pongy by midday – no no. A newer addition to the pit crew is Perspirex, which supposedly puts a stop to wet patches for up to five days. Say what? You apply at night, then wash off in the morning and go about your business sweat-free(ish). I’m still in the early stages of testing this one out, but I have managed to rock a grey t-shirt since using it. Result.

*Ahem* ‘body’ hair. After enduring the humiliation of a Beautician rushing to get more strips during a waxing session a few years ago as I’m just so darn hairy, I now stick to a pump of shower gel and a razor to wave goodbye to body hair. It’s fuss-free but shaving has its own niggles, namely lumpy, bumpy ingrown hairs – especially in that area, you know? But just in the nick of time before bikini season is among us I’ve found a solution, Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Solution that since applying post-shave I haven’t seen a pesky pimple crop up. It’s like aftershave for your bits only without the yelps of pain afterwards.

Happy feet. I’ve not painted the best picture of myself here, so perhaps I can claw it back a bit when it comes to feet – mine of which are actually in an ok condition. Once a week sawaways in the bath with the Tweezerman Foot File seem to keep everything in check. But to add a bit of luxe to proceedings I picked up the Margaret Dabbs Discovery Kit and am finding the routine of the Hydrating Foot Soak, followed by a scrub with the Exfoliating Foot Mousse and a slathering of the Intensive Treatment Foot Oil is leaving me sandal-stress free.

Body hair, beards and bikini lines dealt with, I’ll be back with the usual beauty bait tomorrow. But tonight you know what I’ll be doing. Yours truly. Teen Wolf x