The Christmas Vlog #2 & My Top Festive Jumper Picks

Colin Firth eat your heart out…


It’s that time of week again when it’s time to share what we got up to these past seven days and I must admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for today’s serving of ‘The Christmas Vlog’ because it’s all about the tree. I always find putting up the tree such a lovely moment. When I was younger I remember my Dad getting angsty at the fact that about 90% of the lights on the tree weren’t working and then my sister and I plastering the poor thing in various different clay and paper creations that we’d made at school. I also remember the year that I thought I’d be Linda Barker in Changing Rooms when I grew up and thought I had a flair for interior design. I exclaimed that our family tree was not chic enough and dragged my parents to Homebase to stock up on baubles that went with the new colour scheme I had in mind. I had a real Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen streak about me.

I’m still pretty anal about the tree, but I love getting out our decorations and spending hours finding just the right spot for them all (I’m a hoot aren’t I?). Some of our decorations stretch back from five years ago when we first moved in and it just gives me all the feels when I remember our tiny little piddly tree we had and how Mark poked himself in the eye with it when we caught the two buses that we had to take to get home. This year’s one is a bit grander than what we started off with, but those heart-shaped baubles from 2012 are still there. #Memories – and all that.

Right, onto the good stuff and this week I thought I’d nail a bit of a christmas jumper edit for you. We all get them – literally every year – and the good ones fly off the shelves in November. This year I got this ASOS Knitted Christmas Fairisle Jumper and Mark got this 12 Days of Christmas Jumper which is actually very handy when it comes to remembering the lyrics to the song. But don’t panic for I’ve found a shedload still in stock and have something for everyone from those who want a jumper slightly more subtle to some really gaudy, but kinda hilarious picks. I even got Mark to sit down and pick up his favourites. Here’s what we ended up with…







Photos by Lauren Shipley