Stationery Addicts Not-So Anonymous

On a recent trip home my Dad just couldn’t hide his excitement at his suggestion for a lunchtime trip to Staples so he could show me the desk set he’s planning to purchase to turn my old room into his office. Yep, it’s official. I’ve most definitely moved out. But there’s nothing like a bit of a father/daughter bonding time in the aisles of a stationery store, right? And with notepads being my blogging best friend and just behind foundation, perfumes and ridiculously expensive bath products on my addiction roster I happily obliged. When we arrived I dutifully sat on his to-be-purchased desk chair, “oh yes, nice lumbar support”, mused over the desk “yep that will look beautiful with the floral curtains that still hang in my/your room” and then went on the hunt for something to satisfy my stationary hunger.

And found it I did when I stumbled across the Martha Stewart at Staples section. Who knew? I’m a usually a Paperchase or Liberty girl, but with some hunks of a notepad on display, fancy filing, cutesy labels and storage – STORAGE – I was sold. And ended up lugging home a brand-spanking new notepad (now almost 1/10th full of my makeup musings, I word vomit often), some page markers (to tack down the important pages where I plan the calendar for my posts) and some fancy dancy post-its all at 50% off, I deemed it a successful excursion in the stationery stakes. Cheers Dad.