My Sorta Christmassy Manicure


I know. Things have been a bit manicure-y round these parts recently but now I’m in full-on holiday mode there’s a bit more time available to paint my nails without slapping it all over my cuticles and smudging it as I race out the door in a rush, so I’ve been enjoying taking my time, layering it on and coming up with some new combinations. My latest one is my most festive yet and is actually a take on a similar pairing I did last year.

Here’s the deal. Essie’s Master Plan acts as the base. In fact it’s one of my most used shades, but also one of the shades in my stash that really doesn’t look much in the bottle. A grey with the faintest tint of lilac, it can look a little concrete like in the bottle (*shudders* – remember when concrete textured nails were a thing?), but on the nails it does that whole Nails Inc Porchester Square thing of dishing up a shade that’s both flattering, yet not too noticeable. An extremely subtle coloured manicure.

I could happily leave it there, but to turn up the level of Christmas merriment on my nails I decided to go for glitter. Last year I served up a silver ombré tip, but this time round I went for gold – Essie’s Rock at the Top to be precise – and I think the yellowness of the gold, with the coolness of the grey makes for an extremely festive nail look that’s a little off piste and that isn’t red. Here’s the other thing about glitter tips. As the glitter chips off over the proceeding days, the fact that it’s a speckled shimmer kind of hides it and so your nails can be chipped to beyond a ‘need to repaint’ day and they still look good from a distance and with a bit of squinting. Genius. Bet’s on that I can make this last till NYE?