Jemma Kidd ‘Light As Air’ Foundation Review

I am in love, and yes it’s another foundation. In the past I have waxed lyrical about the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau and the Chanel Mat Lumiére foundations, but I have to say that my current foundation love wipes the floor with them both. Guerlain Lingerie De Peau just doesn’t have the lasting power for me anymore and Chanel Mat Lumiére feels almost cakey in comparison. The foundation in question, as you probably guessed from my ravey tweets about it, is the Jemma Kidd Light As Air foundation…
Jemma Kidd Make Up School Light As Air Liquid Foundation SPF18 

First up, the facts! This foundation retails at around the £20-25 mark, not as pricey as the superly high end foundations, but definitely an investment. A downer about this product is it’s availability – people love to swatch and test out foundations before they buy and that is not really something you can do with this. The best place to check stockists is the Jemma Kidd website, but with most being in London, it is best to do an online jobbie for people in the rest of the UK. I got mine from FeelUnique, however BeautyBay is the cheapest place to get it. In terms of packaging, the tube is practical but not stylish. As it is in a squeezey tube you do have total control over how much product is dispersed, although it does have the tendency to overflow!
The peeps at Jemma Kidd describe this foundation as being “highly blendable and lightweight in texture, with silicone coated pigments for a velvet feel and soft-focus finish, it also has balancing properties to keep the skin matte for a shine-free, even complexion and contains long-wear technology for all day staying power”. And as far as their claims go I have to agree! 
As with all my foundations, I apply it using the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush, this blends the product in beautifully, quickly and leaves the finish looking flawless. This brush is an absolute bugger to clean, but I haven’t used any other brush for my foundation for over a year now! My skintype is normal/combination oily, generally it’s normal in the winter and slightly oiler in the summer and on my skin this foundation just leaves a very natural and skin-like finish. It has a nice coverage to it, in fact very good coverage – it gets rid of all the redness in my cheeks and means I just need a dab of concealer under my eyes. If I had to put it in a coverage category it would sit slap bang in the middle of ‘medium-full’. When I said on Twitter that I was thinking of getting it a few people did chime in about problems with longevity, and I have to say that this is the most long-lasting foundation I have ever used – even more so than Chanel Mat Lumiére – mind you though I have never used Estée Lauder Double Wear! Mat Lumiére sometimes gathered slightly around my eyebrows, but I don’t have any problems with Light As Air, and when I get home from a long day, my foundation is still looking pretty darn good 14 hours after I first put it on! Madness, some might say! If you want to see what it looks like on my skin you can have a wee look at my most recent FOTD’s 🙂 This foundation does contain an SPF 18, which can sometimes cause ‘ghost-face’ when using flash photograph, but I haven’t experienced any problems in that department yet. Perhaps another problem with this foundation is the poor colour range – 7 shades!! What the hell! Not great! I brought the shade 3 Light/Medium, although I will admit that this is probably more of a ‘summer colour’ for me if you get my drift 😉 In terms of a MAC comparison I would say its probably around a NC25-30ish, it is pretty yellow based. I will be purchasing shade 2 Light soon, so I can go back to my more natural winter colour! A quick note of the smell of the product – there is none!

So there you have it – a ravey rave! Surprise, surprise eh 😉 I was having a little think the other day and I reckon I could live the rest of my life with just 4 foundations – Jemma Kidd Light as Air as my everyday foundation, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (Shade 6) and Chanel Mat Lumiére (Shade 30) as my night time, evening foundation (I need options people) and the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint (Shade 2) as my summer time foundation! So, what do you think of the Jemma Kidd Light As Air? Given it a go, want to give it a go 😉

Much Love,
Vivianna x


  • This sounds like such a lovely foundation, your reviews are always so lenghty and useful!

    • Pleased you found it helpful hun xx

  • Jemimaandted

    oooh i am VERY tempted now! sounds great.

    • Haha sorry if I have tempted you 😉 xx

  • Thanks for doing a review, Anna. Definitely going to have to give this a go. Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation is my all time fave though, and lasts for aaggess, but it is quite a heavy formula, so I’d like to give something lighter a try like this.xx

    • No problem hun! If you fancy something lighter this would be perfect 🙂 xx

  • Thecosmeticcrave

    This is definitely going to be my next foundation purchase I have wanted it for soo long!


    • Me too!!! I’m so pleased I finally caved in and brought it xx

  • Claire

    I’ve asked for this foundation for Christmas, so fingers crossed its hidden under my tree. :). Im super excited

    • Hope Santa brings it for you xx

  • So tempted to get the foundation but it’s a bummer that the colour selection is limited 🙁

    • It is! Unfortunately it’s a major downfall 🙁 xx

  • IreneH

    ooh great review, this is definitely on my list! xx

  • zoe.12

    sounds great, been wanting this foundation for a while. Great post!

  • Loved your thorough review 🙂 Thanks! BUT I have to say: you left me wondering what happened to your love-affair to Guerlain Lingerie de Peau?? (I JUST tried that foundation this morning and LOVED it ;)) … just wondering…! :)))

    • Hi Raquel! About a year ago Guerlain was my absolute favourite but since then I have tried so many more foundations and it has slowly fallen off my radar! Although I do still think that it gives such an amazing natural coverage it just isn’t as long lasting on the skin as other foundations xx

  • Stephanie Taylor

    Good thing it’s my birthday soon, because after reading this I wouldn’t be able to eat my lack of funds is that dire! Haha 🙂 xxx

    • Haha – this comment made me smile – feeling your pain! xx

  • This sounds perfect… I’m using Estee Lauder Doublewear Light at the moment but now I’m tempted to give Jemma Kidd a whirl!

    • Oh yes, from what I’ve heard they sound pretty similar although this has more coverage xx

  • Elissa Hudson

    This is now definitely going to be added to my Christmas list, it sounds perfect! x

    • Hope Santa brings it for you 🙂 xx

  • God you make me want so much makeup! Xx

  • Eva blog

    wau, this looks amazing, I want it:)

  • Lovelaughlauren

    Oh god, I want this so much!
    You always make me want foundations! xx

    • I am the masteress foundation enabler 😉 xx

  • I looooove Jemma Kidd´s products! thanks for the post!

  • George

    So so curious to try it! 
    George |

  • Mspurplemakeup

    Mmm I’m tempted! We have very similar “likes” for foundations so I trust your opinion.
    Have you shopped at Beauty bay before? Any good? X

    • I just purchased it now on BeautyBay! So I’ll have to let you know on that one as I haven’t used it before! We do have pretty similar tastes, I could see you loving this 🙂 xx

  • Siobhán Kelleher

    I have the same kind of skin type as you, but yours seems to look flawless all the time, do you just use that foundation on or do you use powders on top? If so which ones? 

    Thankyou 😀

    • Aw thank you hun! I don’t tend to use powder with this foundation as I love the finish it gives on it’s own, but if I am having an oiler day I use the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural powder xx

  • I absolutely love this foundation! It seems to tick all neccessary boxes x

  • I’ve seen so many tweets about this foundation. Tempted. Bit worried about the yellow tone though? I need more of a pink toned foundation so perhaps one to miss? xx

    • Yes the shade that I have is definitely quite yellow toned. I just brought the lighter shade, so I will report back on the tones of that when it arrives in the post 🙂 xx

  • Your blog is dangerous to my bank account! another thing I need to try, I worked at space NK last year and I have to say out of all the foundation I neglected this one, but then again most of the people shopping there were crazy over By terry.

    • Haha sorry hun 😉 Ooooo I can imagine, By Terry always catches my eye, but the price tag – ouch 😉 xx

  • your post made me finally cave and buy this after hearing about it for a long time! hope i love it just as  much as you 🙂

  • Ahhh I’m so desperate to buy this, but I just have absolutely no idea what shade I’d be!

    • Try and do a bit of googling – that is how I managed to find mine 🙂 xx

  • blondie294

    Fab review! I really want to try this out now!! lol have to wait for my MAC Studio Sculpt to run out first though!! xx

    • Ooo when that runs out though, you know what is next on your list 🙂 xx

  • wow great product and great review! :P 

  • When I saw your last FOTD I was in awe about how healthy your skin looks. Now I know your secret! Looks so good on you!

    What do you do with all of your old foundations?

    • Aw thank you hun! I usually give my old foundations to friends and family or just use them on days when I’m not too bothered what I look like xx

  • Melissa

    Ooh trying to order some and I’m not sure whether to go for 02 or 03  🙁 Or both!??
    Its v cheap on Beauty Bay!!
    Will wait for your BB haul to see if I should consider some other JK stuff!!
    Hope its coming soon!! 🙂

    PS. Found that h& m black jacket in store, love it! Nice and soft,comfy, smart without being too tailored, plus they have it in grey, navy and dusky pink!! V tempted!!!

    Melissa xxx

    • Yes I just purchased the shade 2 on Beauty Bay as the 3 was too dark for me 🙂 xx

  • sjbhantawong

    You’re really making me want to buy this!! Every time you mention this in your videos, I can’t help but think I should pop into Space NK and buy it. I haven’t used foundation for the past 3 months now because I’ve been on holiday (and as we know, the sun does miracles to our skin lol), before that I used Nars Sheer Glow or Chanel Prolumiere. But now, I don’t think I want to go back to feeling that I have a layer of foundation on my skin so I’ve just been using my MAC MSF Natural and have recently purchased the LM Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. Saying that, I can’t help but think that I want to try this one out…if I do, do a post on this then it’s down to you lol…..

    Great post Vivianna, always love watching your videos 🙂

    Sarah xoxo

    • Haha sorry love! Oh yes the JK is much lighter feeling on the skin that the NARS or Chanel (I’ve used both of those too)! xx

  • Stinkypinks

    Hi i live in Ireland and i am going over to England, Liverpool  and i am just wondering can Jemma Kidd products be bough in store or only on line.:) xxxxx 

    • Best to check their website, they have a list of stockists on there 🙂 xx

  • energeticgemini

    thanks for the post sweetie…

  • Rabiya

    Hey! I so desperately want to buy this foundation but i’m worried i won’t buy the right shade! I’m an nc42 ish maybe even a shade darker but i can’t decide whether to get the Medium beige or the medium dark! and i’ve searched and searched on google to find the answer but i can’t! 🙁 x