Give Me Some Sole

Now this may be a little optimistic of me given the current climate state in London right now but I’ve begun pedi preppin’. Scrubbing my tootsies, buffing my heels and slathering on allsorts in order to achieve silky soles and save my blushes when sometime rides behind me on the escalator while I’m all sandalled-up. It’s a routine that I keep on the back burner throughout the winter months and indulge in every two weeks or so, but in the run up to getting a bit of air between my toes (now isn’t that a mental image and a half right there?), I increase it into a weekly event. My pedi edit’s completed in less than 10 minutes, satisfies the need for a scrub and ends with a some fluffy socks. How luverly.

I find step one is best performed in the bathtub – sewn with Therapie Himalayian Dextox Salts of course – when your feet have stewed a little. Then I go to town with the Tweezerman Foot File which is, hand on my heart, one of the best beauty-related related buys I have ever made. In fact it was only the other day that I was wagging a finger at my mate instructing her to make a purchase. I use in turn the more abrasive side, followed by the less abrasive surface and finishing off with the plastic bobbled end to increase circulation. It rocks. Also carried out during bathtime is a slathering with the Fig + Yarrow Alpine Pumice Foot Treatment. If you can get over the gag-inducing scent, this super scrubby scrub – there’s no way of dressing that up with a fancy phrase – gives a final polish while leaving an oily coating to your feet given it’s heavy extra virgin olive oil content. Sounds gross, feels divine. After a quick pat down post-tub time, I finish off with a good slap on of CND’s Cucumber Heel Therapy, a product which I’m told on good authority is dished out at most salons. Not too greasy, nor thick I end my pedi prep’ by slipping on some fluffy socks before bedtime. Sexy.

Three products, four steps and smooth soles are in progress. Now I just have to work on wearing those pictured Zara heels further than 10 steps down the road.