Five Styling Tips That Have Changed My Wardrobe

How to switch up your stash, without buying a thing…

I, along with approximately 95% of the population, have put ‘BUY LESS, SPEND LESS’ on my list of New Year’s resolutions. It’s hardly a surprise, but this year more than ever I really want to nail it. I feel like after four years of capsuling wardrobe I’ve built my basics, know my style more than ever and really shouldn’t be adding a shed-load of clothing to my wardrobe at this point. I have more than enough and I have more than enough of pieces that I love, wear and feel great in. So it’s time to halt the spending, dig around the back of my rails to find those long-lost pieces and shop my wardrobes, seriously.

I’m hoping to do a few videos on the subject this month to show you the processes and how I’m finding new ways to wear old clothing in my wardrobe, but in the meantime I thought I’d start you off with this post – five styling tips that have changed how I wear the items in my closet, that you can hopefully incorporate without even spending a penny. WIN… 

Use your accessories. As someone who has a pretty plain style – let’s face it, black on black on even more black isn’t exactly groud-breaking (although it is extremely chic if you ask me) – accessories can make all the difference. Bags are the obvious choice here and that’s why after years of dedicating myself to the service of finding the perfect black bag (the Celiné Trio and the Saint Laurent Tote Bag incase you were wondering), I’ve recently expanded my collection into colour. YELLOW! GREEN! I KNOW! That will do me for a long while I reckon and digging out any non-black bags you have, might just be the thing that changes up your outfit completely. Belts, scarves, gloves and hats are helpful too to mix things up, although I really enjoy the difference that some good jewellery makes. I love Missoma for earrings, Mejuri for necklaces and Vrai & Oro for some stunning pieces. A long necklace worn over a jumper for Mr. T vibes, or a massive hoop with a slicked back bun are both winners for me.

Pair it with trainers. I’m someone who likes to be comfortable in whatever I’m wearing, so ‘pair it with trainers’ is a styling tip that I can 100% get behind. Now I’m not just talking about wearing trainers with your usual jeans and a jumper get-up – although that looks FAB too, go get it – but I’m thinking with skirts, dresses and slightly fancier offerings that would make you usually opt for heels or boots. Whenever I wear my Realisation Par Wild Things Niomi Skirt I feel like it’s ultimately a pretty fancy piece of kit, but pair it my Vans Old Skool Trainers and BOOM. It feels modern, sleek and like I could wear it out to dinner, or the supermarket, you know? I own two pairs of trainers: my Vans Old Skools in Black and Converse in White, and they see me through pretty every outfit that I love that I’d like to replicate.

Layering is a babe. Not only is layering wonderful for me because my internal temperature is constantly set to freezing, it can also be a brilliant styling tool. A turtleneck has become one of my favourite styling pieces for the fact that you can put it under everything and it looks like a boss styling move. Under a dress, under a v-neck jumper, cardigan, camisole, shirt – the possibilities aren’t exactly endless, but the list is long. I love the & Other Stories Wool Turtleneck which I picked up last winter and will see me through many more. Cardigans are a good piece to fish out now too. Not only can they be worn over thin and medium knits to add colour or texture to an outfit, but they also help to add another layer between what’s underneath and your coat – which is perfect for the chilly months that are just around the corner.

Roll up your jeans. Now this sounds like a tip from your Mum who is trying to make your school trousers last for the next four years, but rolling up my jeans had allowed an extremely non-diverse section of my wardrobe to become slightly more versatile. Now I’m not suggesting hoiking them up into shorts, or even folding them to pedal-pusher level, but giving jeans a single or double roll at the ankle can make the difference between full-length or cropped, or the change from raw hem to roll. It’s not a huge change, but considering about 60% of my wardrobe is high-rise denim it something. It’s nice to have the option to ‘dress up’ jeans slightly by leaving them long, or give the emphasis to whatever boots I’m wearing a brave a frozen ankle by taking the length up a notch.

Find inspiration and use it. I do love a good ol’ scroll on Instagram, but I try to make it (semi) productive by saving images that I like style-wise and then doing a deep-dive into my saved section whenever I’m feeling low on styling juice. Your very own Pinterest board at your fingertips that’s taken you all of about 5 minutes to make, that you can access anytime, even when it’s 6am and you just ‘HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!’ Been there? Do this step and I promise it will come in useful at least once. Incase you’re in need of some inspiration for your inspiration, here are five IG accounts that I just adore


Lucy Williams. Lucy is my go-to when it comes to summer styling, but she knows how to rock a winter look too. Somehow she manages to find the perfect balance between tomboy silhouettes and feminine fabrics and I’m here for it.

Lindsey Holland. My stunning mate who always looks so darn polished. Lindsey’s style always looks relaxed, but so darn put together and I love her pops of colour and dedication to a fluffy knit jumper.

Lizzy Hadfield. Rounding up the U.K contingent, I’ve loved Lizzy’s videos and blog for years and her Instagram page is just something else. The Queen of the boyfriend-fit blazer, I’m forever saving her film photos and selfies.

Pepamack. Petra’s demin collection in UNRIVALLED. Whenever I’m on her page it makes me want to slip into a high pump pronto and dig out the drapiest silk shirt I can find.

Sophia Roe. Simple styling, 100% neutrals, makes me want to tie my hair back in a slick pony. I find myself tagging Sophia’s photos a tonne, especially anything with a tucked in shirt which is my IG save weak spot.

Photos by Emma Croman

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