Essie’s Winter 2012 Minis

Fellow bloggers aside, you guys are my biggest enablers. The comments you leave with suggestions of products you think I’ll love, Facebook messages giving me a nudge to indulge and tweets opening my eyes to tempting special offers left right and centre. Well the latter ended up in a snappy ASOS order the other day when they were offering free next day delivery; ordered at lunchtime and in my hands by 10am the following day – that’s what I like (Thanks for the heads up @Becky_Zetter!). The purchase in question – Essie’s Winter 2012 minis collection…

Now that ‘the boy’ gets to see all my purchases come through the door, he insisted on a quick inspection stating that these ‘weren’t very wintery’ shades. Cheers for the input mate. But that’s what I like most about their newest range; yes there’s the obligatory shimmering rouge and festive gold but there’s also a raging turquoise that wouldn’t look out of place in a SS set and a slightly coral tinged red. Leading Lady is top of the pack, a burgundy jelly flecked with red glitters – two coats of this bad boy and you’re well on the way to that merry mood. The other shimmering offering, Beyond Cosy, other than having the most evocative name of the bunch is a full on metallic gold that has a taste of ‘ring finger accent’ goodness about it. Snap Happy is a bright red that ditches the usual berry rouge tones of the season and whacks out an unusual corally orange hue. And easily the most un-wintery of the quad is Where’s My Chauffeur, a ballsy turquoise that has a whiff of Turquoise and Caicos about it. My only niggle with these mini sets is the weeny brushes that accompany them but they’re a good way of testing out the latest collection to see if there are any shades you need to upgrade to full-size.

As I said I got this set from ASOS for £16.95 (link here), but if you shop around you can probably find them a little cheaper online. Boots don’t currently stock this exact mini set, but the big bottles of the Christmas stuff should be making there way into stores now. My pick? The frivolously festive Leading Lady, a strong contender for my Christmas Day polish (yes I put a lot if consideration into these things!). And I guess all there is to say is thank you guys and keep those recommendations coming – my bank balance hates you, but I bloody love ya!


  • Gorgeous colours, I have Where’s My Chauffeur and Snap Happy but I’m desperate to get my hand on beyond cozy. 🙂

  • I really want this mini set, don’t like the price of it though! x

  • I love this collection!! I’ve ordered Leading Lady and cant wait for it to come. Deff a Xmas day contender for me too 🙂 xx

  • Grace

    Absolutely love this collection! My favourite is definitely Leading Lady – its perfect for this time of year! xx

  • Oh God..I freaking love this collection! I want them all but I am trying to limit myself and buy two..but which two? lol
    I wish we had these minis in Greece as well, it would be much easier 😉

  • holly

    i am always tempted to stick to really dark and wintery colours, I may be more adventurous with my nails in future!

  • This is so gorgeous! Beyond Cosy is just beautiful. Might have to pop it on my Christmas list! xx

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    Love love love the two glittery shades, I need! Great ring too, where’s it from?

  • Zoe

    Oh my god, they’re all so beautiful. I need to have them!!

    Zoe xx

  • These are so cute. I love mini nail polishes as I never seem to finish a bottle. The colours are lovely – esp the glitter ones. They look very festive

  • little essie babies haha very adorable!

  • I think that deep glittery red is gorgeous. Though I’d have to agree that these aren’t the most “wintery.” Love Essie though!


  • Millie

    Lovely colours! The glitter ones are gorgeous! 🙂 ♥

  • jess

    i am loving that their winter collection isn’t a typical one, the turquoise colour is gorgeous but i do love beyond cozy 😀

  • Leading Lady is already my pick for Christmas polish, also brought Beyond Cosy. However husband spotted it and took saying that it was my present from him that I had already brought myself! The cheek!

  • Chelsey Westby

    Love these! Especially Leading Lady – it is gorgeous. Definitely should be considered for Christmas day indeed. Need to get my hands on these beauties. xo

  • elvina

    love those colours!! esp the deep glitter red!! perfect for christmas!!


  • Saara
  • Holly

    They’re so pretty! Especially the blue <3

  • Hearts&Crosses

    This sounds amazing, such a good idea! Love Minis cause even though Essie polishes are amazing, I never seem to finish a full bottle of nail polish


  • Jenna Ericson

    The color combination is positively gorgeous! However “un-wintery” they are, I think that they’re all perfect together!

  • Leading Lady looks awesome! x

  • Leading Lady looks like THE perfect Christmas glitter polish. It looks amazing! xo

  • Kassie lee

    super pretty

  • katherine.parkes

    love the glittery red! x

  • nail.addict

    oooh these look lovely! might have to get this! how long lasting are they?
    p.s. you said beyond cosy was full on metallic gold, its silver though 😉

  • I love, love, love these shades. Also, have just reviewed the Winter Collection (set of three) and can report it comes with full-sized brushes!

  • Snezhana Nechistik

    Anna! I really need your advice, i trust you 200%! I loooove essie’s nailpolishes, they last long on me, sooo does this mini set worth a hype or just worth buying lady like separately or they all look gorgeous??) please answer me! want to order those on asks with sale if so:) THANK YOU! 🙂