Diptyque Post-Burn

Let me tell you a little story. The other day I came home to find my boyfriend, playing Fifa on Xbox in the dark, by candlelight. Yep, you read that correctly, candlelight. But not just any old candlelight, Diptyque candlelight. The candles that my wallet weep apparently give optimal conditions for Fifa victory I am told. My amusement was soon dashed when I realised he’d burnt one of them completely down. Bye, bye Baies. Figuier had also recently bitten the dust so I thought it was time to put all my youth years watching Art Attack into use and whip up a salvage plan…

I’d heard of people before transforming their empty Diptyque candles into holders for an array of objects so I thought I’d so the same. Firstly I whipped out any wick which was left which was easy enough. Then after a bit of googling there seemed a few different methods to pick from to get rid of any leftover wax – some involving lighters, melting, FIRE…. already imagining my shinged locks and burnt fingers I decided for what I thought to be the safest method. I filled each candle to the brim with hot water, left it a few minutes, poured the water into the sink through a sieve (make sure not to let any waxy bits go down the drain, otherwise you might have to get the good ol’ Mr Muscle out), then cleaned out any leftover pieces of wax with with kitchen roll and TA-DA. I plumped to fill them cotton pads and buds, but I’m already considering a move to eyeshadow brushes for one of them. Probably the most expensive holders of cotton goodness I will ever own, but you know +1 for up-cycling!

I wouldn’t expect a DIY-style post to be popped by me too regularly. I ditched the PVA glue and cutting and sticking a long time ago. But perhaps I’ll create a house for my makeup stash out of cotton buds or bind my brush collection into one mega comedy-size paintbrush for funzies one day. In fact, I did watch a lot of Blue Peter too as a child so who knows…


  • Katherine

    They just look sooo beautiful!!!

  • Haha, that’s such a boy thing to do! xx

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    Great idea- boys do not appreciate the importance of Diptyque!

  • rachel.4

    Wow.. I cant believe he is still breathing, god knows my boyfriend would be ha! I love using the glass jars for anything.. I often use them to put oversized tealights or small candles in! Not quite the same but FAR more purse-friendly..

    Love your blog pretty lady,

    Rachelle xo

  • Such a good idea, these look really cute. Can’t believe he was burning those candles though!! xxx

  • Romila Marie Santos

    Diptyque jars look so pretty! I can’t do this to my B&BW 3-wick candles because it’s too big! 🙁

  • Love this idea, sadly I only have Yankee candles (the jar type) and I have no idea what to do with them once they’ve burned out. May head to pinterest for some inspo! x

  • joysteib

    That is such a “classy” idea!!! Looks like it has always been their homes!!!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Eleanor

    the cotton buds and pads look so pretty in the empty candle jars! Such a good idea! you should use one to house that nail tool set from boots you were talking about in one of your videos, did I just give you an excuse to go out and buy another diptyque candle?!
    Eleanor x

  • Gem

    This looks so lovely! I’m definitely going to be doing the same when my next candle runs out!

    Gem x

  • holly_sinkinson

    I do this with my diptque candles also!

    I’m a new blogger, I’ve just done a post discussing original and cool storage solutions and have featured this idea along with a load of others.

    Your blog is great girl!

  • Holly

    i do this with my diptyque empties as well!

    have done a blog post featuring this and a load of other original and different storage ideas. your blog is just lovely 🙂

  • Ah such a great idea, I’d have never thought of the hot water myself :s need to do this with my candles!
    Daniella x

  • Jemma

    Love this! May have to buy them just to do this. Did you get the 70g or 120g? 🙂 xx

  • Joana

    That’s a great idea! They look so pretty, practical and you’re recycling which is great 🙂 I might try this! And I really like your writing and your blog & youtube channel. Definitely an inspiration to me 🙂

    Hope you have a nice weekend! xo

  • I would smack my boyfriend if he wasted such a pricey candle! I hope you gave yours a (loving) bop on the head for that. 😉

  • Chelsey Westby

    I would not be too pleased if my boyfriend did that – he would definitely be replacing them haha. But such a great little way to recycle them, and it seems really easy to do so! Great tips xo

  • Vanessa

    Huh, I never thought to do something so creative with the smaller votives. Gonna fish mine out the bin now! If you leave the candle in the freezer overnight, the wick and the leftover wax should just pop out with a little help of a knife 🙂


  • That is such a guy thing to do. 🙂 My boyfriend always uses my fancy shampoo for dry and damaged hair and burns up candles because he can’t seem to understand they’re not 5 euro each. Oh well boys will be boys.

  • anon_fashion

    Awww I would have got so annoyed! Those candles looks amazing 🙁


  • Luxe.

    Awesome idea! They look so chic! Once my ex wrote a lovely message on my mirror using my favorite limited edition MAC slimshine lipstick that I had been saving…boys have no idea!!x

    • This comment has made me chuckle soooo much, I can only imagine the rage that ensued….. 😉

  • I recycle all my candle pots, I don’t have the heart to throw them away! xxxx

  • lynnsay

    I always reuse my candle jars too! All my brushes are kept in old jars, they are just a nightmare to clean out! I once spent a full 30 mins with a scrubbing brush trying to get the last remnants of wax from a Yankee candle jar!

  • Blair

    Such a clever idea.. Now I still need to get my hands on one of these babies..


  • Naffy

    such a great idea!!! xo

  • Is it terrible that I want Diptyque candles solely for upcycling now?

  • Bryony Laura

    I need to try these!!!! Aww they look cute filled up!!
    I love your blog & youtube!

  • That’s such a great idea! Thank you for this post 🙂

  • barb brussels

    This is such a freat idea. Way to go girl!

  • Isabel

    I use my old candles to put in my fave everyday lipsticks and other things like my touche eclat and mascaras and eyeliners inside and then I tie a ribbon around my newly created makeup holders 🙂

  • Orlagh

    Apparently if you pop the holder into the freezer for a few hours, the remaining wax comes out really easily! I’ve never tried it though, so if it’s a disaster, don’t shoot the messenger 😉 Love your blog and youtube channel! It’s one of my faves!

  • Katie Fawcett

    That is such a good idea! Great post, I laughed quite a bit through it 🙂

    Katie xo

  • Rebecca

    I’ve come home to my BF reading in candlelight, it’s weird, huh? I love to re-use my candl jars like this too – they’re all over the house!


    i use my old glass coffee jars as brush holders, works a treat!

  • Yuling

    I’ve tried both the heat and freeze methods & found that popping the holder in the freezer works the best. After about 30 mins the wax should be rock hard, I use a knife to go around the edge and the whole block of wax plus the wicker base will pop out like a breeze.

  • Sascha Sophia Beauty

    I would kill my BF is he used my Diptyque candle to light his video game night! Ok, that’s a tad dramatic. My candle is almost finished, so I’ll be salvaging the jar like you!