Burberry Sheer Summer Glow Highlighter

After a few weeks of experimenting with bold lip colours and eyeshadows, this week I’ve really gone back to my natural beauty roots. In fact somedays I have been completely skipping foundation, which is pretty unheard for me, so perhaps I’ll throw in a picture of me without my usual base on for next week’s ‘My Makeup’ post. But something that has been gracing my face on a daily basis is bronzer for a bit of colour to my cheeks. And I received something the other day which made me put down my usual NARS Laguna bronzer,  instead I’ve been reaching for the Burberry Sheer Summer Glow Highlighter*.

Burberry is a brand that is hot on the beauty radar right now. Their eyeshadows seem to be getting a lot of love in the beauty blogging world and after a quick browse around their counter in John Lewis the other day I can safely say that there are now another 5 lipsticks that have been added to my list – the shades Devon Sunset and Nude Rose really caught my eye. I think what appeals to me, aside from the slick packaging, is much like the Laura Mercier makeup range all the shades offered in their line are subtle, neutral and non-offensive which is completely up my street. The Burberry Sheer Summer Glow Highlighter, falls easily into this catergory; offering a warm dusting of colour for the cheeks which works as a bronzer for paler skintones and an enhancing highlighter for darker skintones. I’m more on the lighter side so this adds a nice mix of bronze contour style colour, a hint of warming blush due to the pinky hues of the palette and a slight shimmer which acts as a highlight. I love cheek products like this – a swirl of this on the cheeks and you’re ready to go. It lasts well throughout the day and as you would expect for such a high-end product it blends beautifully into the skin giving it a gorgeous, yet undetectable glow.

Aside from wearing the Burberry Sheer Summer Glow Highlighter on my cheeks I have the tinest touch of the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Peach Whisper on my apples. And of course for my base it’s my usual Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation in 03 and By Terry Touche Veloutée Concealer in 3. For lips I’m wearing the L’Occitane Lipstick in Pivione Délicate that I spoke about in my new lip product post the other day (link here), it seriously is the most natural, sheeny colour, plus it smells rather delish. Although you can’t really see them in the photo I’ve had my Boudoir Lashes eyelash extensions* re-done, I’ll pop up a post on those soon cause they really are fab, I can’t imagine not having them now!

If you fancy picking up the Burberry palette then do be warned, it’s a pretty pricey £42 and is available from Harrods, House of Fraser and John Lewis. If you can, have a look round their counter – I dare you not to come away without a lipstick! I know I’ll fail that dare next time I pass one! Have any of you tried anything from Burberry? Thoughts, any recommendations?

*PR Samples


  • Haven’t really tried Burberry products, but their packaging never fails to impress. I have been religiously using my NARS Laguna bronzer everyday too, but this would probably give more dimension and highlight to my face for the upcoming summer days (when uk finally gets some sunshine that is!) I quite like this product because it can be used as a highlighter, but not too shimmery like the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks which i have been tempted to purchase.
    Thanks for sharing this and i hope to check out the Burberry counters soon! 🙂

  • Silvia Quriós

    I never tried the burberry make-up but it looks amazing! this highlight looks very good on you, thanks for sharing!

  • I saw this yesterday in John Lewis and it looks so pretty! I got an eyeshadow yesterday, their stuff seems amazing! x

  • gorgeous your skin looks so flawless! x

  • You look soooo pretty!! I am on budget after spending all my money on Burberry cosmetics(which I love) last week so I’m trying to resist to this beauty for now!

    One question: Is it suitable to be used as eyeshadows as well? Have you tried this way?


  •  This looks so nice, I would love to try this out. Will have a look at a counter. x

  • I love burberry packaging! so cute x

  • beckstar_xo

    i’ve really come to love your blog recently, your reviews are in depth and really helpful 🙂

  • This looks soooooo luxe! 

  • Anonymous

    Your skin looks literally amazing! Wish this wasn’t so pricey! x

  • Becky

    This is gorgeous the only downside is the price. I am the first person to be rather frivolous with £ when it comes to beauty products but I have to draw the line somewhere 🙂 I have to say though your skin is glowing recently!

    Beckys Makeup

  • Lemerne

    *adds to wishlist*
    *weeps for wallet*

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    Such a gorgeous product and it looks really good on you ! xx

  • Ive been drooling over this product for 2 weeks now………..and not everybody is making a post on it !!! I must really get it, it looks wonderful on you

  • Lucy

    Please can you do a review / video on your lashes thanks 🙂 I’m thinking of getting some but don’t know which products you can and can’t use with them eg bioderma thank you x x

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Beaut face shot babes… Captured the natural glow of the Burberry highlighter perfectly. *added to the wishlist*

  • Harriet Manson

    Lovely look, what are you wearing on your lips? X

  • It looks lush, how does it compare to the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter? I wouldn’t want to have duplicates.
    Oh who am I kidding, I live for duplicates.

  • Gracie

    I ordered two of these from Nordstrom right now after being disappointed that the Chantecaille bronzers, although their textures are absolutely gorgeous, the colors are just wrong for me. Capri turned on me orange and St. Barth’s red. Have you heard of red bronzer? Hopefully, I’ll love this. 🙂 It will be my first time trying out Burberry products but their lip mists, eyeshadows, and blushes are simply amazing. 😀

  • Multitasking Damsel

    your making here is super super flawless!!