A Sheer Coat

After a season crammed of resolute reds, bolshy berries and sometimes garish glitter nails, I’m embracing a shift to sheer coats. It’s time to wheel out those ‘my nails but better‘ and ‘I’ve just had a mani‘ shades which can imitate a perfectly groomed nail like no other. I pinned up a pic of bare talons on Instagram the other day querying colour recommendations and the majority vote plumped for some sort of pastel pink, so I thought I’d share my Essie-centric favourites. Nothing new, nor groundbreaking here today but if your nails are in need of a bold nail break then I have just the ticket…

Now deciphering between the three Essie’s I picked out for this edit is going to be a tough one, but here it goes. Baring on the left we have Essie Fiji, a much coveted shade in the beauty blogging world which used to be a right niggle to apply before the wide brush options were available from Boots and Superdrug, now making this a dream to throw on. A pink tinged cream, it’s certainly is the most opaque out of the offering but hits the pastel criteria right on the head. Next up is Essie Mademoiselle, the sheerest of the bunch. The beauty of this milky blush shade is that it looks just as pretty with one coat applied as it does with three – how many I do is much dependent on how lazy I’m feeling (note: usually one). Essie Sugar Daddy rounds up my Essie trio. An almost sugared almond shade that has a rosy undertone to it making it a peppy pink that brightens the nail. If any of you have been loitering around these parts long enough to remember my love affair with OPI’s Sweetheart, then you deserve some serious reader points, but my current Sweetheart-esque shade replacement isร‚ย Ciate’s Cutie Pie that popped out of their Mini Mani Month. With equal doses of milkiness and pinkness, it leaves the nail with a sheer drop of natural nail goodness.

Lacquer on a sheer coat from this quad and you’ll be looking post-professional-mani in no time. Or slick on a coat of clear and leave it there – OPI’s Nail Envy would be fab for this – and rock the sheerest coat of them all!


  • Same here! After struggling to get last weekend’s glitter off my nails (it’s such a pain!), I’m rocking Essie Ballet Slippers today. Bought on your recommendation last year ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • KLG_Hair

    I’m currently wearing Fiji, and love it. Such a fresh nail look after wearing deep Reds and darker shades. Love the look of the Ciate polish. x

  • babywarren

    Same mood! I’ve been wearing an Essie basecoat and nothing more, looks great xx

  • I’ve started to feel like wearing nudes and sheer pinks as well and been waiting for my dark red nail polish to start to chip (being Essie it takes a while ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) so I can put on my favorite, Fiji.

  • bethanyhelen

    No ballet slippers?! Shock!!

  • Katie Hello

    I have Ballet Slippers, which I adore. These look lovely. I currently have Rimmel Aqua Cool on my nails (a cornflower blue) but I might switch to a sheer pink shade…

    Katie xx

  • I love sheer pinks, so much easier to upkeep as chips are hardly noticeable and they always look so polished and pot together. My fave is Essie Muchi Muchi!


  • Can you believe I own NO Essie polishes? I am probably the only blogger who doesn’t. I now have my eye on Suggar Daddy though! Sheer nudes are definitely the colours my embarrassingly large nail polish collection is most wanting for.

  • lipstick fridays

    Love these shades xxx Have them all and think they are fab xx Im liking Leighton Denny’s starters right now also xxx

  • Keeley

    These shades are lovely! Shocking that i’ve never even thought about trying the Essie polishes! Think I may have to invest!

    – Keeley

  • I love shades like this! My favorite is one by essie, but I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. Its a sheer color like these, but its got some shimmer in it!

  • I love nude milky shades because they are so easy to wear and it gives the nails a nice healthy look to them without being too bold. All the essie nail polish shades are gorgeous in here and i really want to invest in the ‘Mademoiselle’ ๐Ÿ™‚ I think this month i will be sticking to nude natural colours because i want to give my nails a break from all the deep strong colours i have been wearing during the festive periods ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for sharing X x X x

  • Claris F

    I’ve been looking for nude-y subtle nail polishes for ages! I’m not allowed to wear bold colours for work so I think these could be perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait to try one of them out. thank you!

  • def agree time for more muted shades x

  • Sara Guerreiro

    A great option is OPI New York City Ballet Minis ๐Ÿ™‚ have you tried them?

  • Esme

    Essie sugar daddy is so pretty <3 i really love reading your blog it would be great if you could check out mine? if anyone could i would really appreciate it xx

  • Ooo I have never tried a “my nails but better” shade, definitely will soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hollie Galvin

    I love these pretty neutrals going into Spring. My favourite from Essie is Secret Affair. It looks so clean on ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Millie

    I was ready to leave the festive nails behind too – glitter nail polishes are so difficult to remove!
    Another goodie for the sheer nudey pinks is Nails Inc Sloane Mews – a really sheer pale pink with a teensy hint of baby pink shimmer which is exciting

  • Francesca

    Because my nails are so short at the moment I find that sheer colours are looking the best, great edit of the top ones!

  • katherine.parkes

    love the neutral essie shades so may have to try a sheer one out ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • Rebecca

    really lovely shades!


  • EH

    Love Essie polishes, those colours are perfect for Spring, they look so fresh and natural love it!


  • very nuteral, sheer colors. This seems to be the nail trend going on this season. very pretty and so posh

  • Amelia

    I have Essie’s Sugar Daddy, and it is definitely my go-to nude. I admire all the girls who can pull off the reds and purples, but for me, greige is about as daring as I can go. The best part about nude nails is that they are acceptable all-year round, and go with any and every outfit! xx

  • o_apol

    Love the colors.It looks so girly!

  • jess

    gorgeous choices ๐Ÿ˜€ i am loving nude nails after all the darks of winter ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Sarah Herring

    I put on Essie’s Fiji last night lol – we have the same brain thoughts clearly.

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