Why I Love Makeup


It’s been a while since I snuggled up with my laptop, put fingertips to keyboard and tapped out a bit of a longwinded and rambly post round these parts, so today I thought I’d do exactly that and get into the nitty gritty of why I love makeup…

Some people collect stamps, I collect lipsticks‘ – that’s what I say to people when they furrow their brow and struggle to understand my love for all things cosmetics. On the surface, my amazement and passion for the world of makeup is a hobby. It’s something I love to soak up knowledge about, watch YouTube videos on, purchase things from and it’s an activity that from all aspects gives me joy, much like how Mark loves to fiddle around with his bike – tinkering around with the parts, taking it out for a spin – it’s all the same thing.

I’ve bloggedΒ before about my makeup mad mind starting at a young age. I loved my Polly Pockets and my Barbies, but what I really loved to do was bark at my friends to sit in a chair while I brushed their hair and smeared my Mum’s eyeshadow all over their face – poor things. Oh and let’s not forget those doll head models that came complete with plastic makeup. I ended up putting deodorant though the hair of my one while pretending it was hairspray. Her locks were never the same again. So you can see beauty has been something I always have, and always will, love.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve found a new appreciation for the art of makeup and how it can mean so many different things to different people. For me it’s playtime, mixed with a bit of ‘oh my word I’ve only had three hours sleep – pass the concealer’-ness. I’ve always been pretty relaxed about wearing it, just as much as I have been about not wearing it. Just ask the guys at my Nisa local about the various states they’ve seen me in. I’m more than happy to leave the house without a speck of stuff on my face. When I do wear it however, I tend to go for a more natural look – you know me – but in recent timesΒ (and I’m putting this down to my obsession with RuPaul’s Drag Race), I’ve discovered a whole new world of makeup out there thatΒ most definitely doesn’t fit the bill of a natural look, but is beautiful in its own way. I find myself tempted to purchase glitter for the first time in my life and getting more experimental with colours on my eyes. IT’S FUN, a world that you never stop learning in and that’s why I love makeup.

As I read this post back for spelling and grammatical errors – PAH, I’ve probably missed about 14 – I realise that I’m not quite sure what the point of this post was. I guess my conclusion is that you should never feel silly for loving makeup – it’s a passion, a hobby, a collectors topic for some, a creative outlet for others. If something makes you happy and it’s not hurting anyone else, then keep doing it. Bank accounts not included… I jest, I jest.


  • Great post! I agree about not having to feel silly. An interest in beauty also doesn’t mean we’re superficial airheads. I love how Sali Hughes talked about this in her book as well.

  • emilybemily

    yes! people’s dismissal of makeup as “silly” or “vain” or whatever just highlights the degree to which women’s self-love/self-satisfaction is discouraged societally. men aren’t given crap for lifting weights, or for tinkering with expensive cars, or for collecting all manner of weird, useless junk. they aren’t accused of being indulgent or self-centered or frivolous; they’re considered “passionate” about their hobbies. in fact, i think enjoying makeup as a hobby is a particularly radical thing to “own” as a woman. it’s a subversion of what culture wants makeup to be for us– a tool to ensnare men. loving it unabashedly (and being an expert on it) makes it powerful and makes it OURS.

  • Totally get the not so sure about point of the post πŸ˜‰ When I have talked about coworkers or friends about makeup, for many it is that dreaded step when getting ready for work that steals minutes that they could spend sleeping. For me it is that time that is only mine, when I get to open my make up drawers and oooh and aaah and wonder what I will slap on my face that day. It is basically me deaging to when I was a kid and got excited because I got to play with paints!

    When I am not wondering if an eggplant and gold smoky eye is work appropriate, it is, as you say, a wonderful hobby: I browse looking for new launches, tips, looks and what not and I get to know some of my fellow bloggers who share the enthusiam. It makes me happy and also makes me feel good and confident about myself (have you seen my liner today? It is perfect! Ha!), so the only one complaining chez TransientBeautΓ© is too my wallet πŸ˜‰

  • I am totally with you on experimenting outside of the natural look lately! Every time I get my makeup done, I think to myself “Why do I never wear eyeshadow – it looks amazing!”. Makeup is a way to express yourself and your style, so I’m all about loving it too πŸ™‚

    Christina |

  • Such a perfect post for me; I’ve always felt guilty for buying excessive amounts of makeup ( my makeup still fits all into one drawer). & sometimes it’s hard to explain the joy it does give buying a new item you have dreamed and researched about.

    I’ve decided to start my own blog to give my makeup addiction a purpose. haha. It’s still in the works as, it’s not a simple task. but I’m on it! haaha

  • Sophie Bird

    Anna. You’re not American. It’s “got” not “gotten”. Please.

  • Jodie Vernon

    This is such an amazing post. Everyone has that niche that they’re interested in but no one seems to see makeup as a viable one. After watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, I’ve noticed myself wanting to experiment more with makeup, which can’t be a bad thing!

    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  • clementine buttercup

    Makeup is fun and as a mum it gives me 10 minutes of my day just for me. Making an effort just for me makes me feel good about myself.

  • Hi Anna, this is off topic, but please make a Snapchat account!

  • I know some people don’t get it. I tend to go for a natural look too, and when people ask me to help them put makeup on them I look at them like are you sure because i’m no professional, yet my makeup stash would suggest otherwise…!

  • I totally agree with this – everyone has a thing they love and will buy more of just because it makes them happy and allows them to be creative! I love lipsticks, they are just so easy to put on and change the look of your face or mood – once I’m hooked on something I’ll always want more (sorry bank account)

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Tarika x

    This is so true! I always have people questioning why I have so much makeup and wear it even when I’m at home alone all day on Sundays. The reason I always give is that it makes me happy and I enjoy it – I don’t wear makeup for other people, I wear it for me! That said, I do have to watch the bank account occasionally, it can get a little hurt…

  • Such a nice post! Makeup isn’t the cheapest thing to collect but I love experimenting with different colours – when I’m in the comfort of my own home – and seeing what lipsticks work with what! There’s nothing wrong with owning 95% of MAC lipsticks, right? x

  • Lauren Toner

    I still live at home and constantly have to put up with criticism from my mum who just doesn’t get it! Wearing makeup (sometimes) makes me feel beautiful and while I’m confident as a person on the inside without it, sometimes you need a little bit of help to get up and go and that’s what make up does for me. Great post!

  • This was such a nice read πŸ™‚ I’d read these sorts of “longwinded and rambly” posts any day!
    Peach Melba

  • Fizza N.

    It’s always nice to peek into the mind of Anna πŸ™‚

  • Lovely post, Anna and I agree with you 100%. Makeup is supposed to be fun, it’s an art too and way of expressing yourself! And experimenting is the best part of it.

  • A few weeks ago I found your blog and Youtube channel! I am so happy I did. Although I am not a beauty blogger I love beauty products and learning about them! I think your style and personality presented through your blog and youtube channel is fantastic! It feels like we really know you. I started blogging as an artist but recently I began to understand more about blogging and know I could blog about other things that are not art, like my life! So now I am blogging about me, what I do, random things and my art! I would like to thank you for having your own style and being you! It has given me confidence in my own blogging! xx

  • Chantal

    I definitely think makeup is a collectable thing for me, however I do love experimenting with colour too, especially when it comes to lipsticks. Other than that makeup is just fun! x

  • emily couture

    Lovely post πŸ™‚

    emily xx

  • Great post Anna! This is exactly how I feel about so many things, if you love it and it doesn’t hurt anyone then why stop? x

  • Dar

    Lovely post Anna, I always find that people think that loving Makeup is a bit frivolous but I never did understand how it’s any different from other hobbies.

    Dar |

  • Such a lovely post! I am exactly the same with makeup, totally obsessed! It’s such a beautiful thing!

    Jasmine |

  • Haha Anna! This post sums it up for me!
    I find that it’s always a bit difficult to try and explain it to someone, even some of my own friends just don’t get it. I love that you likened it to collecting stamps- I’m going to use that!



  • Tal

    I’ve been obsessed with it for so long, My primary school used to do checks before you came to the school to meet you and I remember bringing out my mothers collection and being like ‘this is my makeup….’

    Prom 2015: Get Ready With Me

  • Love this! I remember when I first shared my blog on Facebook with my friends I felt like I had to explain why I wanted to spend my spare time writing about make up and beauty, I was worried they’d think I was shallow or a bit of fluff. There is so much artistry and creativity in make up that there is nothing wrong with being inspired by it!
    You should do these kind of posts more often, Anna, they’re fab and I love the way you write!
    Inma x

  • I agree with all of this, makeup is my passion and it’s so fun to experiment with!

  • I try to explain this a lot to people, and you did a good job of it. Even the younger girls at my job (I work with a lot of teenagers) don’t love or appreciate makeup as much as I do. Heck, if I ask them what kind of foundation or eyeliner they use, they can’t even name the brand most of the time and are baffled when I tell them I can name every single thing on my face! “It’s just fun for me” is something I say constantly!

  • Erin Russell

    I love to see why people love makeup, I’m the complete opposite, I never liked or used makeup my whole childhood or even teen years. I never seen the appeal. It wasn’t until I had a baby, got fat, then lost all the weight that I discovered it. Being so confident with my body and how much I achieved – Makeup and YouTube became “me” time, something I loved to do, learn about, read reviews, spend my extra money on. Makeup is something I use as a feel good, It isnt linked in with my confidence or self belief, just simply something I do because I love – if I have the time that is!

    I can still rock a plain no make up face on a regular basis, like today.. at work, Sunday’s and having time for makeup for a full day is very rarely possible lol

  • It definitely is something that’s easy to feel silly or superficial over, but there are so, so many great things that come from makeup that are much deeper than outward appearances.

  • Bethany Walton

    this is great – its so easy to label makeup lovers as superficial or shallow but i really do think that’s just a sexist way to discredit a perfectly valid interest – so much so that i wrote my dissertation on the subject to give loving makeup a solid, academic background and to say ‘screw you’ to people who mocked me for my obsession!
    (fun fact – red lipstick was one of the only luxury products not rationed during WW2 in America because of the measurable effect it had on morale)
    makeup is awesome and i will never apologise for loving it so much!

  • Gillian Pidler

    When I was out with my oldest friend of 36 yrs for coffee the other week we were chatting and I said that most of my disposable income went on either my face or my body, to which she jokingly said ‘Oooh vanity!’. To which I justified myself by saying’ I don’t smoke, rarely drink and don’t have any other hobbies, apart from buying make-up and skincare’. She was only joking & we’re the kind of friends who can say ‘anything’ to each other, by the way she’s never worn a scrap of make-up in her entire life! So we’re pretty opposite in that respect!! But to me make-up and skincare is a hobby, I have more than I need make-up wise, I mean who doesn’t like pretty eye-shadow colours, but it’s not just a hobby. I enjoy the process, every morning after my shower, sat at my dressing table with coffee and meds (I’m disabled so have the gift of time), and spend an hour or two doing my skin and make-up etc. I love that there is an endless supply of new looks and techniques to learn and try and as my condition is a painful one, it also makes me feel that ‘I look better than I feel’ and to me that’s important as otherwise I could easily turn into the ‘Woman in the dressing gown’, you’re probably way too young to have ever heard of that film but the title pretty much says it all!!
    As you say, some people collect stamps, others smoke or drink, I like to invest in my skin and my face.

  • I never got one of these makeup doll heads, so I had to use my there little sisters to experiment.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • What a great post! Make-up is always evolving, it’s so beautiful and interesting and that’s why it is the massive industry that it is today.

    I’m with you on collecting lipsticks over stamps! Xx

    Olivia –

  • SamanthaSeries

    Loved reading this πŸ™‚ I was also obsessed with makeup from a young age, although my mom was never into makeup so I didnt havent much to steal from her and play with πŸ˜›

    Samantha Series

  • Nafisah Atcha

    So true! <3

  • I love this, I was telling my best friend the other day that I’m worried that I come off as superficial or frivolous for having a beauty blog and loving make up so much and he assured me that I was not. My interests are my interest and I’m allowed to have any ones I want – I do love make up and I also love discussing human/women’s rights, the occupation, and racism. One interest is not better than another!

    Nabihah |

  • catherine β™‘

    Loved this post – I agree with your comment that ‘some people collect stamps, I collect lipsticks’ x

  • Kimberly Punter

    This just hits all the right boxes for me. I collect make-up like there is no tomorrow and I keep buying new things that I really don’t need but I just love it. It makes me happy to look through my stash and apply all the different colors. It’s weird to some people but like you said; some people collect shoes, I collect lipsticks!

  • Pixie1104

    “makeup makes me happy, deal with it” – that’s my mantra πŸ™‚ Cosmetics are beautiful, a gorgeous palette is eye candy, an array of lipsticks ranging from peachy nude to bright pink look stunning lined up next to each other, a sparkly eyeshadow may not always be wearable but my god it looks stunning, the way it catches the lights and glitters as you change angle. I can think of far, far worse habits in life than collecting makeup and not many that bring as much pleasure (there are a couple πŸ˜‰ )

  • For many, the ‘love for makeup’ may seem superficial and a lot of women don’t feel comfortable admitting that they even like makeup products, as if that would mean that they are not smart, educated, interested in ‘serious’ matters. I have been a teacher for many years and have a Masters Degree in Translation and speak three languages and I am only bringing this up because that should mean that I have ‘proven’ to society that I must have something in my head, right? Still, every time I am talking with passion about a beauty product, some people look at me with raised eyebrows. What nonsense!

    After many years I have finally made my dream come true and now work as a freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger! It makes me so happy when I have a client that looks herself in the mirror, after having done her makeup, and she is happy, hugs me and thanks me. I then watch her walk away with confidence and that makes me happy!

    Thank you Anna for this post!


  • amanda beautie

    Loved this post! I can never really explain to people why I am so obsessed with makeup, but you just explained it so well! To me it is definitely a hobby, I enjoy wearing makeup but that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel comfortable with out it, because I could easily leave the house without makeup. But my point is that I love doing my makeup, buying new makeup, reading and blogging about it etc etc. This post was really good so thank you for writing this post! xx

    Beauty Girl

  • Minty3103

    Love this post… It’s sad really that I feel I have to justify my love of make up. I work long hours in a stressful & responsible job & have an 8 year old with additional needs. My make up & skincare routines are my me time, my escape. Yet still I feel I have to justify it. I hardly drink & I don’t smoke.
    I am nothing special but make up makes me feel better about myself… It’s my therapy

  • I probably couldn’t have put this into words any better.
    For me, personally, makeup is like a place that I can go to when I don’t want to worry about anything else for a little moment ☺

  • That’s a question I have sometimes in my head and like you said, you can have different answers from differente stages of your life. It’s a world of discoveries and when your are browsing the internet, you may find inspiration from things you’ve never thought you would…
    My example comes to nailpolishes. I was only a pinky red gal but since I’ve started to watch and read your blog and Lily’s I felt more adventurous in the blueish/greenish department.
    We are feeding from each other and it’s a thing I love about.

    I discovered blogging 10 years ago but it took me a long time to start my “beauty” blog because I wasn’t sure and maybe a bit scared but you are growing with your passion and I think, for me, it’s back to my first memories because when I was born my parents were working in the luxury fragrance business. I spent my 2/3 first years surrended by bottles of perfume and pretty makeup. It’s a shame my parents didn’t have any picture of me from this time because I remembered to play with lipsticks before talking!

    Ok, now I will stop writing my silly but colorful thoughts. If you happe to be in Paris, I would be more happy to see you again πŸ™‚ !

  • Love love love this post!!

  • I love this post! For me makeup is more than a hobby, I feel like it’s a true passion, I love talking about it, writing & reading about it, and Sephora is like my second home (every time I go, I spend like 45 mins). When I think of it, I never though I would think of going to makeup school after high school when I started to get into makeup in middle school ( 5 years ago). I love the massive diversity that makeup have; all the different textures, colors, formulations, and finish… I love the fact that every product is unique. But the thing that I enjoy the most in makeup, is how it can change a face make it look beautiful, or ugly, or tired, or look like something unreal (those are for artistic makeup). It’s like painting in a way . I love sitting at my desk in front of my mirror with lot of makeup around me, and just test new thing and learn things that I’m not quite comfortable with yet. I’ve never met someone that look at me weird because I love makeup, and if it ever happen I won’t give a s**t, there’s people has football, or drawing, or playing music for passion, well for me it’s makeup. xx

  • Rebecca

    Amen, well said and exactly my thougts. <3

  • I love makeup and my closest friends dont seem to understand it. I just love how different it can make u look and much more confident when u are exhausted. So I will love make up no matter what they say . I am still not too comfortable with colors but I still play with make up a lot. It is so much fun xx

  • Caitlin F

    Love this post. I have felt as though some people, especially conservative older relatives see me as shallow when I profess my love for makeup. I found myself hiding it at times! Once I started to see intelligent, articulate women like you Anna, Lily Pebbles, Caroline Hirons, Ms Eldridge etc showing the same passion – I have suddenly felt much more open and really don’t care what others think anymore. It makes me truly happy and allows for me to have a creative outlet! This has reached the point where I quit my job in childcare and have taken up a profession in the beauty industry. I know I am not a shallow person, I’m just the little girl who liked to raid her mum’s top drawer and I couldn’t be happier.

  • This was such a lovely read! People always make me feel bad for having make-up as a hobby but reading this now, I find that I can articulate my thoughts better. Thank you for sharing this!

    Pauline | Catpacking

  • Dee Grizzle

    Often, my love for makeup is seen as vain. Other’s have shared their opinion that I must have low self-esteem because I spend my time and money on cosmetics. I’m creative. I paint my self-portrait every single day! Makeup is constantly evolving with technology and culture. My passion is never stagnant. Bravo Anna for being an artist <3

  • Meaghan S

    Makeup is my only Creative side to me, I feel like I can make my creative side come alive with makeup and I find it very relaxing to wake up and get ready in the morning

  • Hope Richardson

    Love this post, couldn’t have said it better myself! I feel the exact same way about make up! Most people believe that it’s for me to cover my insecurities but I always try to explain to them that it is my only creative ability and I consider it to be a hobby!

  • Great post! I started reading beauty blogs for skincare advice – I didn’t even know what skin type I had until 2yrs ago, other than pretty terrible – but now that my skin is a world away from where it was, thanks entirely to advice from blogs like yours and Lily’s and the inimitable Mrs Hirons, I love playing with make up and trying out new looks. I never saw the point before because my skin was so bad. It’s not vain or silly, for me it’s an expression of being happier and more confident in my appearance so that I actually want to make the effort to try new things. Plus it’s really rather good fun, unless you’re my bank manager of course

  • I feel the same way about makeup! I love that it can have so many different functions — fixing imperfections, enhancing the good stuff, and just being a fun way to spend your time.


  • Emma

    I loved this post so much! It’s so hard explaining to people to who don’t GET make up what it means to me and why I love it so much.

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself! It’s so frustrating when people judge you for buying another lipstick, another neutral eyeshadow palette… if it makes me happy and it’s not hurting you, then why does it matter?! Every morning, I look forward to picking my lipstick for the day, or blush, etc. It’s so much fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way. xx

    Daniela |

  • I am so with you on that! I have a few friends (and family members) who can’t fathom why I own slash love makeup so much! But I love how you put it with the stamp things, perfect way to sum it up.

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  • Maria Lee | Mia Loves Pretty E

    Yes yes sister… took all the words right out of my mouth. Passion is passion, no matter what the form xx

  • “Some people collect stamps, I collect lipsticks” – I think this is going to be my response from now on – I definitely relate to this as I’m sure others do too xoxo

  • YES! This post is perfect! So many people question the amounts of make-up I own or why I drone on about it… this sums it up perfectly.

    And I am totally nicking the line of ‘some people collect stamps, I collect lipsticks’!

    Lauren Jade xo

  • A lovely post for those of us that sometimes do feel silly…while our other friends have “important real world” jobs.. I still enjoy makeup, among other things, no matter what.

  • V Roll

    Perfect post that totally sums up how I feel about makeup!

  • Marie Hoster

    Great read! I was rather boy-ish growing up. It was only when reached highschool that I found a new appreciation for makeup. I would be inspired by pictures of women featured in The Beauty Insiders and would often be inspired by how they dolled themselves up with makeup.