CHANEL Rouge Noir

Another week, another blackened ‘insert colour here’ nail polish love. This time around it’s CHANEL’s Rouge Noir; a colour that I’ve been unable to erase from my memory since I spotted it on Elin Kling’s tips. I swore I’d never dip into CHANEL lacquers again with their low quality, high price rep but if Elin’s got it? Well I can’t resist.

The colour does what it says on the tin and takes the medal for most stereotypical autumn shade. I like it equally on the toes or tips. Two coats does the job and it’s the kind of shade that blends in with whatever monochrome ensemble I’ve thrown on. In regards to quality, this colour isn’t the worst from CHANEL I’ve tried; it layers on well and lasts three/four days before things begin to look too chippy which is pretty standard for me and I’m struggling to find a dupe in my collection (though Essie Sole Mate is probably the closest). See? A completely justified purchase.


  • Antoinette

    I think Essie Bordeaux is pretty similar, too! And way better quality in my opinion.

  • eleni

    revlon vixen is a pretty close match too

  • Rimmel’s Black Cherries is my dupe of choice, although it’s a little less red. Best staying power of any dark polish in my collection too.

  • This is gorgeous I have a lovely chanel taupe shade but it chips straight away which is such a shame but I love this colour.
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  • Hannah Williams

    I have this but find it does chip very very easily xo

  • Gorgeous color!


  • ORR you could just buy Barry M’s Red-Black nail polish, which looks just as amazing and costs like, £3

  • Alice Porter

    This is such a nice colour but I think I will stick to the Essie onw, I just can’t stand the chipping πŸ™


  • Marine

    I wanted to get this one so badly but I agree, Chanel nail polishes aren’t the greatest. I got Essie Wicked instead and it’s a pretty close match πŸ™‚

  • PeonyandPeach

    It looks lovely but I promised myself no more Chanel polishes! So looks like I’ll be trying out the Essie one!

  • Anoushka Urban

    I find that CND Stickey base coat helps with the lifespan of Chanel on my nails. I love Rouge Noir, great choice of colour!



  • Such a pretty colour

  • Such a pretty color! I can’t bring myself to buy Chanel polish for the reason you stated above, so hopefully I can find a dupe or a shade that’s pretty close!

    xx Caroline

  • Treacle

    My first Chanel purchase was Rouge Noir! Now I settle for Nails Inc Victoria – lasts me a week with Seche top coat

  • Imogen

    The ultimate autumnal shade! πŸ™‚

    Imogen – A rendezvous with you

  • Cassie

    That’s sooo gorgeous. Perfect for fall.

  • Pascale Maestri

    I first bought this colour about 15 years ago (I kid you not) and it is the only colour I have thought about re-purchasing. I just don’t think anyone else has even been able to pull it off like Chanel ….

  • maja gudmann

    An absolute classic! Timeless and forever chic.
    A little note: I continuously read and hear negative comments online about the (lack of) lasting power of Chanel polishes. I wonder if any of you have ever tried pairing them with the Chanel top coat: Beauté des ongles – Laque brillance extrΓƒΒͺme? This is an absolute must-have product in my book, and I cannot recommend it enough. It adds the perfect shiny and glass-like finish to any polish and makes it last ages (okay, a week). I have never looked back since trying this for the first time about 8 years ago (it had a different name then, though). I know, I know, it is pricey and all that, but a bottle seems to last for ages and the quality is far superior to any Essie & co. top coats.
    Love your blog, Anna, do keep at it πŸ™‚

  • Mariella Jones

    Mavala las vegas is a super good dupe! apparently the same shade Uma Therman wore in pulp fiction!

    • Ana

      She wore Chanel’s Vamp πŸ™‚

  • Clara

    You should try Vixen by Revlon.

  • Abi

    Revlon’s vixen is a great dupe for this shade – one of my favourites and so autumnal

  • Amanda

    The most classy nail colour ever.

  • Looks a bit like Essie Wicked when you just put on one coat. Really pretty!

  • Jen Hately

    This colour is stunning, I love chanel nail polishes

  • Tales From Wherever

    Essie’s Berry Hard is a great dupe for this.

  • Heels Forever

    Love the colour! Never tried a Chanel polish before but so tempted with this one! x

    Heels Forever

  • Olivia S

    I absolutely adore this colour! I purchased Essie Bordeaux in hope it would be similar (with a little less jaw-dropping price tag) but it’s just not dark enough πŸ™ Xx

    Olivia –

  • It is pretty!

  • Chloe

    Hi Anna,
    I’ve just subscribed to your blog (yesterday) and would love it if you could put the products underneith and links on where to buy them online etc. loved the cashmere stone coloured jumper from Zara
    you were wearing in one of your blogs but can’t find it online.
    Love what I have seen so far and will continue reading.

  • Lucy

    I love the colour πŸ™‚


  • Holly Cooke

    This is such a gorgeous shade! x

  • Victoria Larroque

    beautiful color! I just wanted to thank you for continuously recommending luminous silk, i ordered it online based on your thoughts and shading, since we’re about the same (shade 4) and it is FANTASTIC!! i thought it would be a lot thicker and heavy but it was light and beautiful! Along with that, i also picked up a NARS blusher in sex appeal, i don’t know if you’ve ever tried it but it’s just the perfect light peach and you might like it!

  • Ella

    It’s incredibly similar to bourjois rouge obscur! My mum has rouge noir and one time she asked me if I’d borrowed her nail polish when I was wearing my bourjois one haha

  • This is one of my all time favourites, I know they have a bad rep. but I actually really like Chanel polishes. Evident by my apparent stock piling of them…

  • Caitlin

    My favorite deep red like this is Nars Chinatown, I have this one as well!

    Caitlin Confidential

  • Claire O

    Revlon Vixon is the dupe for Rouge Noir, love it

  • AuntyMiff

    This colour is so nice but Chanel polishes just chip like crazy on me… Like I paint them and then second later I look like I’ve been using my hands as shovels. Chippy chippy chippy.
    Charlotte – xx

  • abi

    This colour is lovely, so autumny

    abi from a little dust


  • Radhika

    That is gorgeous!

    I always have a hard time finding the perfect “blackened red/burgundy” shade, but this one looks really pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  • roshkud

    That is a gorgeous vampy colour! So perfect for a autumn evening πŸ™‚

    RoshniÒ€ℒs Journey

  • Isabelle McWilliam

    Perfect colour for this time of year πŸ™‚

  • IHB

    Try Dior in NUIT (970). Exactly same colour, much more quality, amazing brush and lasts perfect on me for one entire week. (with essie’s good to go topcoat) πŸ˜‰

  • Have you tried Guerlain’s Vega or Dior’s Nuit 1947? They are rather similar, and I know there’s quite a few who thinks Chanel’s polishes are useless, whereas Diors ranks high.

  • Jessica

    Rouge Noir was one of my first nail polishes and probably my oldest surviving. However after 5-6, I was due a new one and decided to give Deborah Lippmann’s ‘Just Walk Away Renee’ a whirl and that’s pretty similar (In price and colour…)However, I think the Lippmann has a better gloss to it and coats with the deep wine red/black without muting the red as much. Definitely worth a look if you like vampy red/or just vampy polish!

  • claudia

    Perfect nail color for fall! Thanks for sharing

  • Maddy Cane

    Love the colour, it looks perfect for autumn! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • B K

    It’s a great colour but I can see it applied reallllly patchy. I love Chanel’s colours, bht the quality isn’t there. I think I have 5 and they all chip like a mother.

  • Gosh I love dark red nail polishes I may have to buy this :p It’s a shame about the low quality but with a slather of seche vite I think I may have to cave and buy this! xx Emmi

  • Sylvia

    I love darkened colours so this is right up my alley!

  • Corinne

    Love, love, love that deep wine colour, but I find that Chanel always applies patchy & I cant stand that! But love the color though.

  • Leeanne baldwin

    Such a perfect colour for winter… x

  • Andie

    The dupe is definitely Revlon Vixen…and you already got it!

  • The Beauty Hiss

    Another dupe is Essie’s Bordeaux – just purchased it from a local beauty supply shop!

  • Nica

    glad someone said it out loud ! I thought it was me, not being able to put on some decent polish every time I used a Chanel one. Meanwhile I discovered many many other perfectly adaptable lacquers but have to admit I fell for a Chanel colour once again after so many years.
    Black Satin is by far the bast black I’ve ever tried and very shiny. Love the Rouge Noir too ; it was my very first dark polish I ever purchased from the Chanel brand.


  • Olivia Frescura

    So pretty! I love burgundy for fall. I like Julep Keira, Sephora by OPI brunette On The Internet (discontinued), Essie Wicked

  • merredee

    I’ve recently been addicted to some good blackened shades! I’ve never been one to try CHANEL though, always being one to believe that there are plenty of higher quality polishes with a lower price tag, and they’re not worth my while. I feel as though I’m buying the brand, not the polish and lets be honest, no one can tell it’s CHANEL once it’s on. I do love this colour though…

  • Ivy

    beautiful shade.. perfect for autumn/winter

    giveaway on my blog

  • need a gap

    I think that NYC number 240 “Velvet Rope” it’s a good dupe for that.. It’s cheaper and (in my opinion) better than the Chanel one. I don’t get the hype about Chanel’s nail polishes!

  • Carmen

    I’ve been buying this since I was 16 (and yes I couldn’t afford anything else after getting this), 7 years later I’m still buying this even though it’s not the best nail polish out there, it chips quickly and it thickens terribly after a while. It’s a sickness and now you have it, good luck with that

  • Emily

    I have always loved Rouge Noir but find it frustrating that it chips so easily so I generally reach for Essie Wicked instead. Much longer lasting.

  • Betsy

    Have you tried the Clinique Black Honey? Really lovely!

  • Océane D

    It always chips on me! But I still use it…

  • Mari

    China Glaze polish in Drastic is very similar. Great value and colour!

  • Jo Sharma-Stray

    I have always wanted this polish and you are making me want it even more! Love the new blog design, looks great!

    Jo Γ’β„’Β₯ | A Little Pop Of Coral

  • Lexie Blush

    Hi Anna,
    Its not a good quality and its very expensive but…i can’t help myself.
    Rouge Noir is the one for me. Simply is the one.


  • Ari

    Revlon’s Vixen is a drugstore dupe for Rouge Noir, I believe that Deborah Lippman might have one as well, although I can’t remember the name. I’ve also heard that Butter London’s La Moss is supposed to be a dupe, but I’ve never compared them.

  • Amethyst Skies

    Gorgeous colour, proper blood red. Love it.

  • Louise

    Deborah Lipmann in Single Ladies is a pretty good dupe , still not cheap but goes on so well and seems a bit better quality too

  • I LOVE obblood nails! This looks great on you, and is right on trend for fall

    Maha Maven
    Maha Maven Youtube

  • Kara

    Definitely gonna have to check out some of these dupes!

  • ronza

    essie’s skirting around is a pretty good dupe πŸ™‚

  • Rita

    I usually follow your lead on nail polish recommendations (which would be in every nail polish you ever mention… Same tastes!) But this time it was the other way around. πŸ™‚ Already bought it about two weeks ago and it hasn’t left my tips ever since!

    Love your blog and your videos, Anna!

  • I have a colour very similar to this on my nails at the moment by Avon and love it!

    Go to Autumn colour.

  • Jessica Ringle

    Dior Nuit 1947 is almost identical to this and a much better formula. I love it so much.

  • Bueno Beauty

    This is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • Natalie

    Barry M nail paint in Red Black is very similar to the Chanel one πŸ™‚

  • Katie Nicholls

    This is so similar to Revlon Vixen which has great longevity and depth of colour. I’m afraid I can’t be converted to the more expensive one knowing that the quality of Chanel polishes isn’t quite right for the price tag.

  • Rachel

    A very good dupe for this nail polish is topshop nail polish in the shade bourbon xx

  • CooteyFruity

    I’ve been wearing Chanel Rouge Noir since Pulp Fiction – yup – terribly long time. The best dupe I have found is Nails Inc in Victoria. It’s really the best dupe I’ve come across keeping the darkness and depth but also the rouge – which is what you are looking for. Very, very happy with it but can’t lie, I still buy Rouge Noir as well! x

  • Diana

    I don’t own Rouge Noir, but i’ve heard that Revlon Vixen and Bourjois So Laque Cerise Noir are very similar.